Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 8 – At Gokul

Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 7 – Evil Thoughts Sowed In Kamsa’s Mind

Meanwhile, at Gokul.

Gokul is a small village on the banks of River Yamuna. Mathura is on its other banks. The people of Gokul were rejoicing at the birth of a boy baby, to their Chief Nanda. Each house was decorated in flowers and Rangoli. It was no less than a celebration. Men and women folks were dressed in their finest attire. They flocked Nanda’s house with gifts and sweets. They also sang and danced on the joyous occasion. Their chief Nanda, was immensely happy and gave away gifts to the visitors.

In the celestial world, All the Gods and Demigods were also happy to see Lord Vishnu’s incarnation on Earth. They showered flowers on the baby from heaven.

krishna and his mom


Nanda’s wife Yasoda cherished her dark complexioned son. She embraced and kissed him. All the gops(cowherd) and gopis were in praise for the baby. They admired every part of the baby! Why would he not be beautiful? Nonetheless, he is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Some praised the blue boy for the darting black eyes, some for his curly hair others for the alluring dimple. They were reluctant to pass the child to the other person. Yes! Who only would let go of baby Krishna?!  All were envious of Yasoda, who is now the mother of the little charming blue boy. Rohini, had also given birth to a Son by name Balaram. He was fair in complexion and the former was dark in complexion. Seeing the Dark complexion of the boy, everyone consented to call him ‘Krishna’

Did you Know?

Who are Rohini and Balarama?

Rohini is another wife of Vasudeva, Father of Krishna.

As per belief, Balaram was in the womb of Devaki, later he was moved to the Womb of Rohini, by Yogamaya.




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