What is the importance of Mauni Amavasya

VaranasigangaMauni Amavasya is signified as a day when individuals observe “Maun Vrat” Maun means silent and Vrat means to manage all our senses. Mauni Amavasya falls on the 15th day of the dark fortnight of Magh (January-February).

As per the legend the most sanctified and holy river in Hinduism, the Ganga changes into the nectar on Mauni Amavasya. Lakhs of devotees would visit the holy river on Mauni Amavasya day to take a holy dip in the Ganges particularly on the Triveni sangam where the three rivers meet Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi. Apart from observing Maun vrat on this special day individuals also donate things as per his or her capacity and devotees also perform homas. By doing such good deeds devotees get relief from sins and all the negative aspects. This whole process would also calm ones restless mind, Hence Mauni Amavasya is observed as an auspicious day.

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