Ratha Saptami – Rituals and mantra

Rituals on Ratha Saptami.

On the Ratha Saptami day, an auspicious Ratha Saptami snan is performed during the time of Arunodaya. It should be done only during the arunodaya time, i.e Sunrise time. It is believed that the Ratha Saptami snan cures people from all illness and bestows good health. Due to this reason the Ratha Saptami is also known as Arogya Saptami. In tamilNadu people add erukku leaves while performing the Rata saptami snan.

Chant the following mantra while bathing:

“Sapta Sapti Priye Devi Sapta Loka Pradeepike;
Sapta janmaarjitam paapam hara saptami satvaram
Etatjanma krutam paapam krutam sapta sujanmasoo
Naumi saptami Devitwaam sapta lokaika Maataram
Saptaarga patra snaane mama paapam Vyopahayae”

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After the ritualistic Ratha Saptami snan devotees offer arghyadan to Sun God during the Sunrise. The water is poured from a small kalash in the Namaskar mudra to surya bhagvan, while the performer is facing the Sun god in standing position. Many devotees perfom this ritual twelve times, reciting the 12 different names of Lord Surya.

After this devotees light a ghee deepam and venerate Lord Surya with Camphor aarthi dhoop sticks and red flowers. On performing these rituals it is believed that the doer is bestowed with Good health, longevity and success in endeavours. Women draw rangolis depicting Lord surya and his chariot as a welcoming gesture. The boil milk in mud pot in their courtyards and offer them to Lord Surya. This milk is later used to make sweet rice porridge or Paramannam, to offer as neivedya to Surya Bhagwan.

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Chanting ‘Gayatri Mantra’ and reciting ‘Surya Sahasranaam’, ‘Adityahridayam’ or ‘Suryashtakam’ is considered very auspicious on this day.


After the prayers people venerate Lord Surya and offer Chakkara Pongal ( sweet rice) and Vadas as neivedyam along with beetel leaves, coconuts, banana and other fruits.


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