Why does Hindusim regards trees and plants as sacred elements

Peepal tree


We regard trees and plants as sacred elements.
Since our God, the life in us, permeate all living beings, be the plants or animals. Hence, they are all regarded as sacred. Human life on earth depends on plants and trees. They provide us with the essential factors that make life probable on earth: oxygen, food, shelter, clothing, medicines etc. Indians scriptures tell us that if we by any chance cut down a tree, in turn we have to plant ten trees. We are supposed to use plants and trees only for our particular needs such as food, shelter fuel etc. We are also advised to apologies to a plant or a tree before chopping it down, to avoid acquiring a particular sin named soona. Trees and plants like tulasi, peepal etc still have incredible beneficial qualities, due to which they are worshipped till today. It is told that Godly beings manifest as plants and trees, and the devotees worship them to accomplish their desires or to gratify God. Hence, in India, we regard trees and plants as sacred elements.

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