What is the significance of Ugadi?

In today’s post let us see the significance of Ugadi, this festival (ugadi) is derived from the Sanskrit word Yugadi, meaning ‘beginning of a new Yuga or period’. This festival is considered as New Year’s Day in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal and it is known as Gudipadawa in Maharashtra. This is an auspicious time to begin any new ventures. This festival usually falls during the second half of March or in the early April.

According to a legend God Brahma had created the vast universe on this auspicious day Ugadi, it is also said that the days, weeks, months and years were created in order to count time after which he had created all the other elements in the universe.

This festival marks a change in the lunar orbit and is the commencing of the new Hindu lunar calendar. The priests in the temple do the marking of Panchanga Shravanam during this day, the most important part of Panchanga Shravanam is hearing of the Panchanga. Before announcing the yearly forecasts as predicted in the Panchanga, the priests would remind about the participants of the creator God Brahma, and the legend behind it.

This festival also represents the advent of spring, this season accompanies new life on earth. Mother Nature awakens from her slumber and gives birth to new plants and covers earth with greenery. Vasanta Navaratri a spring festival which goes up to nine days, begins today and ends on Ramnavami.

There are some rituals followed during this festival such as, early in the morning watching ones reflection in a bowl of molten ghee, hang the fresh mango leaves in the entrance of the houses, which indicates to propitiate Gods on such auspicious occasions. Offer prayers to Sun before consuming ‘Bevu Bella’ which is a paste made out of jaggery, neem buds, raw mango and tamarind juice, this item indicates all the tastes of life, it signifies the mixture of events (happy and sad), on the whole it implies that one should be ready to face all kinds of events in life.

Finally prepare sweets and eatables and share it among family and friends spreading the joy of this new beginning. Hence Ugadi the festival of New Year gives a feeling of joy, growth and prosperity.

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Team Ishta Devata wishes You and your family a happy and prosperous Ugadi, God bless. Watch the video below to know more on the significance of Ugadi.


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