Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 5 – Sri Krishna is transferred from Mathura to Gokul

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Recollecting the instructions of the Lord Vasudeva took the baby in his hands.  His handcuffs and chains broke open, the doors of the prison opened without any noise. To his surprise the guards were also in deep slumber. Vasudeva placed the child in wicker basket with some old clothes. The seshanag followed them and also provided protection from rain. Due to the torrential rain there was not a single soul in the city. He proceeded towards the river Yamuna to reach Gokul. The river Yamuna was brimming with water, Vasudeva was in fix as to how to cross the waters and reach Gokul. However in any case he has to cross the river to reach Gokul, so in the name of God he stepped in the water, to his amazement the river parted and gave way.

episode 5

Vasudeva crossed the River and reached the house of Nanda at Gokul. There he finds Yasoda asleep in her quarters, with a baby girl near her. Vasudeva silently places Krishna near Yasoda, who had fainted during her delivery and takes with him the new born baby girl to Mathura. The Seshanag accompanied them to the prison and then disappeared. The prison door closes after Vasudeva enters. No one knew what had happened.

Did you know?

Who is SheshaNag?

Sheshanag is also known as Adishesha and Ananta. He is the bed of Lord Vishnu, the son of Kashyap and Kadru. He is known as a five head, sometimes seven and mostly thousand headed snake.

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