Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 6 – Warning from Goddess Durga

Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 5 – Sri Krishna is transferred from Mathura to Gokul

Vasudeva entered the prison and soon after he gave the baby in the hands of Devaki the guards woke up from their slumber. The baby also started to whine. The guards rushed to Kamsa and reported “My Lord Devaki has given birth to a child. We have hurried here at once to inform you about it”. Kamsa with consternation reached the prison.  Devaki pleaded Kamsa stating “Dear Brother, this is your niece, as it were. You have killed all my sons and this is only a girl. She cannot cause you any harm. Please spare her.” Kamsa snatched the child from her and to his amazement it was a girl. However, he was not ready to take a chance.

source: bookthisweek

source: bookthisweek

As he tried to kill it, the child slipped from his hands and rose to the sky with 8 hands as goddess Durga with various weapons. She laughed raucously at Kamsa and said “O Fool! Why this vain effort to kill me? The child destined to kill you has already been born and is growing elsewhere.”

Kamsa was an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga. The sight of goddess Durga with eight hands and weapons overwhelmed him. This had an immediate effect on his mind. He not only freed Devaki and Vasudeva from the prison but also apologised to them. Kamsa returned to his palace with a lighter heart.

Did you Know?

Who was the eighth child that Kamsa tried to kill?

Yoga Maya had incarnated as Goddess Durga to inform Kamsa that his annihilator has been born.


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