Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 11 – Trinavarta – The Wind Asura

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After the two asuras failed Kamsa summoned the hude Demon trinavart. He said him” Trinavart go and kill Krishna who lives in Gokul. He is my biggest enemy. See to it that you return to me only after killing him”.  Trinavart can transform himself into a fierce for of Dust and engulf anything on its way.

The time when Trinavart came to Gokul, Yasoda was fondling with Baby Krishna and all of a sudden he became heavy, so Yasoda had to leave the baby and go inside for some reason. Trinavart noticed that Krishna was all alone, so he carried him away in the form of a whirl wind. The whole of Gokul was engulfed in Dust. Everyone was blinded by dust. When Yasoda came out, Krishna was not to be found where he was left.

krishn and Trinavarta

Meanwhile, Trinavart raised Krishna higher and higher and had planned to smash him from heights. However, to his amazement the baby became too heavy for the Huge giant to lift. He eventually fell on the ground and broke his neck and head shattered to pieces. He fell down dead then and there.

The wind calmed down and people started to come out of the house. They spotted Krishna and were amazed to see Krishna playing on Trinavart. Yasoda ran to Krishna and embraced him “ O Krishna, why do dangers keep hovering over your head? I am so worried for you.”

None of the villagers could understand how Krishna came there and how he killed the huge Demon. They all thought it to be a miracle and thanked God, whole heartedly for His act of immense Kindness.

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