Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 12 – Whole Universe in Krishna’s Mouth

Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 11 – Trinavarta – The Wind Asura

Still Now in This Sri Krishna Stories series we have seen the birth of Krishna and the fate of few demons that came to kill him, Now we will see a few episode of his Leelas.

Have you ever been to a play? It has actors that play various parts. God also has plays, and these are called “leelas.”

As Krishna grew up a little, he started walking and used to play with other boys of his age in front of his house. One day little Krishna, while playing, put some dirt into his mouth. Balrama said “ Krishna don’t put dirt into your mouth! Donot eat sand’” Krishna didn’t listen to his brother Balarama and the other older boys who told him to stop eating the dirt. So they went and complained to Yashoda,” Mother Yasoda, Krishna has eaten dirt. Donot blame us if he falls sick” said Balarama and the other boys.


Yashoda caught Krishna by the hand and brought him inside, and scolded Hin “ Donot put mud in your mouth it will harm your health and you might fall sick” Krishna looked at her with his big black eyes and said, “No, mother I have not eaten mud at all. You may examine my mouth, if you think I am lying.” “OK. Open your mouth and show me,” Yashoda asked Krishna. Krishna opened his mouth wide and Yashoda was wonder-struck to see the entire Universe – the sun, the moon, stars, the earth, etc. inside Krishna’s mouth. Now Yashoda was fully convinced that her son was not an ordinary boy, but Lord Narayana Himself. But seeing Yashoda amazed, Krishna made her forget this thought through his divine power. Then slowly, her mind came back, from this supreme revelation to her world in Gokul. Yashoda began to fondle him with deep Motherly affection; for once again he was her own little boy.


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