Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 10 – Is it a Cart or a demon!

Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 9 – Krishna And The Asura Women- Putana

Baby Krishna was three months by then and was trying to turn on his belly! Yasoda was happy and wanted to celebrate this occasion. So she arrange for a gathering near the banks of River Yamuna.

Mother Yashoda bathes Krishna

Mother Yashoda bathes Krishna

They gave the child a ceremonial bath and put the baby to sleep under a cart as Baby Krishna was very tired. After sometime Little Krishna woke up and started to cry. Mother Yasoda was busy serving the guest and there were loud music and celebration which stopped mother Yasoda from noticing Baby Krishna.

The Baby eventually got angry and kicked the cart with his tiny legs. What a surprise the cart broke and the things station on the cart flew in all directions making a loud noise.

Baby Krishna kills the cart demon

Baby Krishna kills the cart demon

A few children who were witnessing this came running to Mother Yasoda and said  Boy 1: “ Maa Krishna has broken the cart” , Boy 2: “ The Things in the cart have all been spoiled”. Child 3:“ The wheels of the cart have been separated and all the milk wated”  “ come soon”.  But Mother Yasoda did not believe what they said “ No the little boy could not have done that, He must have been possessed by some Ghost” saying so they ran to the baby.  Yasoda arrange for Priests to chant mantras to ward away any ghost that disturbed the baby. No one other than Krishna knew that the cart was none other than Sakatasura an asura sent by Kamsa to kill him.



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