Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 4 – Sri Krishna’s Birth

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Lord Krishna having decided to be born as the son of Vasudeva and Devaki, 1st entered Vasudeva’s heart and then the womb of Devaki. She became radiant and was filled with lustre. Kamsa was frightened to see her form, as he knew she must have been carrying Narayana, his enemy. For, he has never before seen her with such sheen.

episode 4

The night, of the eight day of the waning moon in Shravan month (August), Devaki knew it was time for her eighth child to be born. As the midnight approached, there was torrential rain and river Yamuna was overflowing with water. They were both, happy and grief struck. They comforted each other and worshipped the Lord. A blaze of light struck inside the prison, they witnessed Lord Vishnu in his magnificent form. They prostrated and worshipped him. The lord spoke in a mellowed voice to Devaki” Mother You will be free from troubles as I will be born to you in a while”. He also spoke to Vasudeva” Father as soon as I am born take to me the house of Nanda at gokul and replace me for the baby girl born to Nanda and Yasoda. Don’t worry everything will be fine! No one will stop you!” The blaze vanished.

At twelve in the night, a deep blue complexioned child was born to Devaki. It was a boy. Their happiness knew no bounds.  Recollecting the instructions of the Lord Vasudeva took the baby in his hands.

Did you know?

Who were Vasudeva and Devaki in their previous births?

Vasudeva was Maharishi Kasyap and Devaki was Aditi- Mother of all gods. They were cursed to be born on earth and be separated from their children!

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