Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 2 – The Prophecy

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Devaki was the princess of Mathura, and beloved sister of Kamsa. She got married to a noble young man, King Vasudeva of the Yadu dynasty. After the marriage ceremony, Vasudeva’s chariot was ready to take Devaki along with him to his home. As Kamsa was very fond of his sister, he declared that he himself would drive the chariot to Vasudeva’s house. While Kamsa drove the chariot bearing Devaki and Vasudeva out of the Mathura, a celestial voice boomed.“You fool the eighth child of the woman you are taking the chariot will kill you”.  On hearing this, Kamsa got anxious and angry. He wanted to kill Devaki, his beloved sister.

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He drops the reins, caught hold of Devaki’s hair and thundered, “You wretch on whom I showered so much affection! You are going to bear my killer. Let me see how it happens. I will, this very moment kill you. Then I shall have no fear” saying so he raised his sword. Afraid of the ill intentions of Kamsa, Vasudeva tried to pacify Kamsa saying “How can you think of killing your own sister and that too on her wedding? As your younger sister she deserves all your love and kindness. Please spare her life” Kamsa turned a deaf ear to Vasudeva’s plea.

Vasudeva had another idea to persuade Kamsa. He said “Dear Kamsa, you have nothing to fear from your sister Devaki, despite what you have heard from the oracle. You are afraid that her son will kill you. I promise that I shall hand over to you, every one of her children as soon as they are born”

Kamsa became thoughtful and after little deliberation he agreed to Vasudev. He ordered the procession to return to Mathura. Kamsa was sure Vasudeva will not break his promise. However, he kept Devaki and Vasudeva in a heavily guarded prison.

Did you Know?

The name of the 1st son of Devaki and Vasudeva?

Their 1st child was named Kirthiman, meaning the famous one.

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