Connection Between God Ganesha And The Swastik Symbol


The Swastik is considered to be the symbol of Hinduism. Every ritual or festival that is celebrated by Hindus are begun with making the Swastik sign. The highly renowned symbol is said to be associated with god’s powers as well as good luck. In this post, we will get a better understanding of which god is associated with the Swastik symbol and its significance.

According to scriptures, God Ganesha is said to be represented by the Swastik symbol. The left side of the sign is the place of God Ganesha. The symbol is featured with four bindus, which are said to the the places of gods like Gauri, Kurma, Prithvi and other gods.

The vedas too are considered to be a part or form of the Swastik symbol. The vedas are recited during the Dev Puja and during this puja, God Ganesha is fondly remembered or the thought of peace.

This peace mantra is:

Swasti Na Indro Vridhshravaah Swasti Na Pusha Vishwadevaah
Swastinasta Raksho Arishtnemi Swasti No Brihaspatirdhatu

स्वस्ति न इन्द्रो वृद्धश्रवा: स्वस्ति न: पूषा विश्ववेदा:।
स्वस्तिनस्ता रक्षो अरिष्टनेमि: स्वस्ति नो बृहस्पर्तिदधातु।।

In this mantra, the word Swasti is chanted four times. It basically denotes that the devotee is requesting for the blessings four times from Ganesha, Indra, Garud, Pusha and Brihaspati Devas.

This mantra determines that Lord Ganesha resides only in those places, which has love, peace, happiness, good emotions, kindness and trust always. And when Lord Ganesha resides in such a place, it is blessed with forever happiness, good health, wealth, success and long life.


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