Place Where Ravan Is Worshipped Before God Shiva


Rajasthan is a state with several temples as the whole land is rich with religious beliefs and faith. But, this state holds a special temple where the practice is completely different from the usual common tradition.

The state is home to a place called Kamalnath Mahadev, which is 80 kms from Udaipur. This temple is said to have been built by the demon king Ravan, himself. One of the most unusual practice in this temple is, God Shiva is worshipped after offering prayers to Ravan. If this ritual is not followed, the prayers are considered to be negligent, and inauspicious.

The mythological story behind this unique temple has its roots from Ravan’s visit to Kailash Parvath to impress God Shiva. Ravan, an ardent devotee of God Shiva wished to take him to his kingdom of Lanka. In order to get his wish fulfilled, Ravan meditated for a really long time. Impressed by his devotion, God Shiva accepted to grant Ravan his desire.

As God Shiva agreed to come with Ravan, he stated that he will be in the form of the Shiva Ling. In addition to that, he also mentioned to Ravan, that no matter what, the Shiva Ling should never be grounded until Lanka, and if it happens to be grounded, the Shiva Ling will get established in the same place for eternity.

Ravan, during his return back to Lanka, passed through the district of Baijnath Village. Ravan urgently had to attend some personal matters for which he had to enter the village. Before attending his issues, he handed over the Shiva Ling to a man and requested him to not keep in on the ground while he was away.

When Ravan returned, he saw the Shiva Ling placed on the ground. The man he gave the instructions to, had also vanished. In desperation, Ravan tried to lift the Shiva Ling from the ground, but all his efforts were in vain.

In order to make amends for his actions, Ravan started to offer penance to God Shiva for 12 long years and also sacrificed his ten heads. God Shiva was very pleased and offered his 10 heads back and stated that any devotee who visits this holy site must offer their prayers to Ravan first, before worshipping him. As a result, Ravan built the temple around the immovable Shiva Ling and named it the Kamaldev Mahadev Mandir.


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