What Made Hanuman So Powerful?


Hanuman is known to be the most greatest devotee of God Ram. He is said to be the god of power, wisdom and knowledge. Based of various scriptures and Hindu mythology, Hanuman is the avatar undertaken by God Shiva in order to remove all evil that existed and flourished in the world. Hanuman is said to be the most greatest and ultimate avatar of God Shiva.

Although, Hanuman is considered to be powerful since birth, there was a specific event that took place in his childhood that made him even more powerful, making him the most strongest warrior ever to have existed. It is because of this obtained power, Hanuman was able to help God Ram defeat the demon king Ravan in Lanka.

According to the Shiva Puranam, Hanuman was born to Anjana who was an unwavering devotee of God Shiva.

In Ramayana written by Valmiki, there is a well renowned tale of Hanuman trying to grab the sun, mistaking it to be a big mango. Fearing this, God Indira attacked Hanuman, who fell to the ground unconscious. That time, God Brahma touched Hanuman and woke him up. During this event, every god present blessed him which made him the powerful god we all know him to be.

The Sun God gave Hanuman his 100th part of hallow and blessed him with the knowledge of shastras. Dharamraj Yam blessed him to be free of illness forever. Kuber blessed him to never get defeated by anyone in any battle. God Shiva blessed him that no one would ever be able to kill him even if the weapons are of the god himself, and God Indira blessed him to be immortal. With all these powers combined, Hanuman became the most powerful person in Hindu mythology.


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