Why God Rama tricked Hanuman?


This blog revolves around how Rama tricked Hanuman to return to his abode as God Vishnu.

The story goes such that, When the Ram Rajya was established, there was peace, prosperity and discpline in the Humans. This led to all the Gods feeling that it was time God Vishnu had to return back to his abode. So they approached Yamaraj to get God Vishnu back who was in the form of Rama.

Yama tried many times take away Rama but was stopped by Hanuman everytime. Hanuman guarded Ram’s life day in and day out. Rama understood the problem of Yama and decided to trick Hanuman. Rama dropped his ring into a crack in the floor and then asked Hanuman to go and fetch the ring. Being an obident follower, he did as requested and shrinked himself and followed the crack till its end. He was now in Patal-loka and was greeted by the King of snakes.

The King of the snakes asked what he was looking for? Hanuman replied ” I am Hanuman and i am looking for the ring of my God Rama.”

The King of Snakes took him to a room filled of rings and asked him pick Rama’s ring. Hanuman was confused and asked ” Whose rings are these?”. The King of Snakes replied that each ring represent one kal chakra. In every chakra, there is a treta-yuga in which there is a Ram and a Hanuman. Every time Ram will drop his ring and a Hanuman will come to patal loka searching for his ring. By the time Hanuman returns back to earth Rama is gone.

Thus he learnt that the Kal-chakra was the supreme and he let go his dear God.

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