When Hanuman Defeats His Own Son.


God Hanuman is an Hindu God and an ardent devotee of God Rama. He is one of the important character in the Hindu epic Ramayana and also find mentions in several other texts including the Mahabharata. Hanuman was born to Anjana (An apsara cursed to be born in earth as a vanara) and Vayu the God of wind.

Legend has it that though God Hanuman was a adept Bramachari, he had a son named Makardhwaja. The story goes such that, when God Hanuman went to Lanka as God Rama’s envoy to meet Goddess Sita who was captured by the guards of the demon King Ravana, who ordered his guards to set God Hanuman’s tail on fire. The guards tied oil drapped cloth to his tail and set it on fire. Hanuman with his burning tail ran across lanka and set the whole kingdom on fire.

While returning back, Hanuman took a dip in one of the river to cool down, while taking the bath in the river, his seed fell into the water and was consumed by a reptile named Makardhwaja. Ahiravana (King of nether-world and Ravana’s sibling) and his men captured and killed Makardhwaja. While they cut open Makardhwaja, they found a child inside and took the child over and named him Makardhwaja. Since he was strong and clever, he was asked to guard the gates of the nether-world. When Hanuman set out save Rama and Lakshmana from Ahiravana he encountered Makardhwaja and defeated him in a battle.

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