5 Unknown Incarnations of God Shiva

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God Shiva is considered to be highly powerful and omnipresent. In order to maintain balance and law of nature, he manifested himself into several avatars and incarnations. Through various mythological stories, we are aware of several famous avatars like Nandi, Bhairav, Veerabhadra, Sharabha, Durvasa etc. In this post, we delve into 5 unheard yet powerful incarnations of God Shiva.


God Shiva’s first incaranation was Sadhojat. His physique was based on God Brahma. God Shiva took this incarnation when Brahma was in deep meditation. On seeing him, God Brahma gave this incarnation the name of Sadhojat and eulogized him. As time progressed, from the body of Sadhojat, 4 of his disciples manifested. They were named Sunand, Nandan, Vishwanandan and Upanandan.


According to ancient Hindu mythology, God Brahma’s complexion turned red during the 20th Kalpa. As a result, the 20th Kalpa is called ‘Rakta’. During his meditation, an entity was whose complexion was also red. God Brahma realized, he was an incarnation of God Shiva and named him Namdeva.

In time, Namdeva has four sons – Viraj, Viwah, Vishok and Vishwabhavan. All of them had red complexion.


During the 21st Kalpa on earth, which is also known as Peetavasa, God Brahma adorned himself with only yellow apparels. God Brahma’s meditation and prayers resulted in the manifestation of a beaming entity. Realizing this was an incarnation of God Shiva, God Brahma started chanting the Shiva Gayatri mantra. By the time he finished chanting the mantras, several numerous avatars were born wearing yellow clothes.


Following the Peetavasa Kalpa, arrived the Shiva Kalpa. During this time period, a black avatar of was born when God Brahma was deeply engrossed in his meditation. He realized this was another incarnation of God Shiva and called him ‘ Aghor Shiva’ Soon there were 4 new avatars that were manifested, all in black complexion, named Krishna, Krishnashikha, Krishnamukha and Krishnakanthdhari.


During the Vishwaroop Kalpa, manifestations of Saraswati and Ishan Shiva occurred. From Ishan Shiva four divine entities were born, named, Jati, Mundi, Shikhandi and Ardhamundi.



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