The worlds in Hinduism – Part I

In this post lets see about The 7 higher worlds in Hinduism.

The common notion is that Hinduism has 3 worlds – Paatala Loka (underground), Bhoo Loka (Earth) and Swarga Loka (heaven). However, Hinduism points out to the existence of 14 worlds, 7 higher worlds called Vyahritis and 7 lower worlds called Paatalas. The Earth, is the lowest of the higher worlds. Here are the different worlds and their various inhabitants.

The 7 higher worlds in Hinduism are Satyaloka, Tapaloka, Maharloka, Swarloka, Bhuvarloka and Bhurloka and are ruled over by Gods, mortals and enlightened beings.

Satyaloka/Brahmaloka – Satyaloka is believed to be the place where Brahma dwells. Once one reaches the Brahmaloka, he is immediately relieved from the constant birth and death cycle. While generally people believe in Brahmaloka as being the highest loka, Shiva worshipers believe that Shivaloka is the highest loka and Vishnu worshipers believe that Vishnuloka is the highest loka. Since Lords Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu form the Holy Trinity, each of these worlds belong in the same plane, as being the highest loka.

Tapaloka – It is believed that the Ayohnija devatas have their abode here. It is also believed that Sanat, Sanaka, Sananda and Sanatana, the four Kumaras, have their abode here.

Maharloka – It is believed that the most enlightened sages like Markandeya, rest at this loka. Other enlightened rishis also live here.

Swarloka – It is believed that this is the abode of Lord Indra and all the 330 million Hindu Gods. This loka is the loka of ultimate pleasure and is situated between the pole star and the sun.

Bhuvarloka/Pitriloka – It is believed that the solar system that we know of, constitutes this world. It is the space between the Sun and the Earth, where the stars reside.

Bhuloka – Bhuloka is the world that we currently live in, along with plants and animals and millions of other living things. It is believed that the earth is just one among many other inhabited worlds (Vishnu Purana)

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3 Comments on “The worlds in Hinduism – Part I

  • I t is not like that ,all vaishnavites who attain salvation will go through all these lokas.It is not
    saivaite going to sivaloka,the followers of Vishnu will be taken by amaanuvan (representative of Vishnu) to all these lokas before going to vaikuntam.

  • According to visishta advaita philosophy the soul which has surrendered to god travels to all these lokas before joining the others who have attained salvation and are in vaikunta( after attaining salvation the soul visits these places and goes to vaikunta).Lord awaits our arrival, as a parent waits for a lost child.

    • Swathy: Yes, like I had mentioned, followers of Vishnu believe they will go to Vaikunta, followers of Shiva believe they will go to Shivaloka. The ultimate truth is that they are all one and like you said, await our arrival to the final loka.


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