The worlds in Hinduism – Part II

The 7 lower worlds in Hinduism i.e paatalas are believed to be ruled by demons and snakes, with the great serpent Vasuki leading the lowest world. The 7 paatalas are Atalaloka, Vitalaloka, Sutalaloka, Talatalaloka, Mahatalaloka, Rasatalaloka and Patalaloka.

Atalaloka – It is believed that one of the sons of the demon architect Maya, Bala, rules this world. When Bala yawned, he created 3 types of women; Swairinis, Kaminis and Pumscalis. Swairinis were women who would get married in their own group, Kaminis were lustful women who would get married to men from any group and Pumscalis were women who would have many partners. This world is a world of pleasure, where when a man enters it, he would be given an intoxicating drink and indulge with the women in this world, with no worries whatsoever.

Vitalaloka – Hara Bhava, one of Lord Shiva’s forms, rules this world that is inhabited by ghosts and goblins. This world has a gold mine that is guarded by Hara Bhava and its inhabitants are decorated with gold.

Sutalaloka – It is believed that King Bali rules over this world with Lord Vamana as his gatekeeper.

Talatalaloka – It is believed that the demon architect Maya rules over this world. Maya is famous for his expertise in sorcery. Once Lord Shiva destroyed Maya’s cities, in His Tripurantaka form, but later on forgave him and made him the ruler of this world.

Mahatalaloka – It is believed that this loka is home to many snakes. Though the snakes here live in peace, they always fear their mortal enemy, Garuda – The Eagle.

Rasatalaloka – It is believed that the Danavas and Daityas, great, evil demons, live here. Their greatest enemies are the Devas (Gods) and they live in small holes.

Patalaloka – This lowest loka is ruled by Vasuki, the serpent king, and the Nagas have made their abode here. It is believed that each Naga has a gem on their hood, that illuminates this world.

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  • wonderful ,they use to render this all 14 lokas in mantra pushpam for lord ranganatha in thiru arangam
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