The beautifully sacred lotus


    The beautifully sacred lotus

The lotus flower is one of the most sacred symbols in Hinduism. The beauty of this flower is that it explains so many concepts of Hinduism in a simple way. The lotus is a symbol of non-attachment. Though it grows in slushy areas, it does not let its surroundings affect its beauty. Similarly, we should not let our surroundings ruin the purity and beauty that we have within.

Though it is surrounded by water, the petals of the lotus becomes unaffected. It does not let the water affect its duty of blooming beautifully. Similarly, we should not let external factors affect us while we perform our duty. We should focus only on completing our duty to the best of our ability. The fact that the lotus never gets wet symbolizes that one can remain in a continuous state of joy without letting sorrow or change affect them.

As the sun rises, the lotus blooms open and it shuts down as the sun sets; this symbolizes that our minds expand with the light of knowledge. The lotus is also significant in the way that it was a lotus flower that arose from the navel of Lord Vishnu, carrying Brahma in it, and thus beginning creation (However, there are different stories that exist about the creation of the world). The lotus also symbolizes Brahmaloka, Lord Brahma’s abode.

Brahmanyaadhaaya karmaani

Sangam tyaktvaa karoti yaha

Lipyate na sa paapena

Padma patram ivaambhasaa

-The Bhagawad Gita

Roughly translated, the above phrase means that the person who does his work, leaving all attachment, will not be corrupted by sin; like a lotus leaf is not affected by the water on it.

When it comes to Hatha Yoga, the padmasana or the lotus position, is practiced to activate the 1000-petalled Lotus chakra in the head, to reach the highest level of consciousness.

Many Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism are also depicted as seated on a lotus. Such is the divinity of the lotus. From its humble, why even dirty surroundings, the lotus blooms into a beautiful flower, reminding us that we should not let our surroundings define our beauty; we should stay detached and only then will we achieve inner peace.

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