The Ever Mysterious Brahman


BadgesThe concept of Brahman (not to be confused with Brahmin, the Hindu caste or Brahma, the Hindu God) is the foundation of Hinduism. ‘Brahman’ is known as the ultimate reality and it extends to not just every person, but to every tiny thing in the universe. The common misconception, however, is that Brahman is God. Brahman is truth, knowledge and infinity. Brahman is an invisible power that regulates the workings of the universe.

Brahman is believed to be within each person; which is why when we greet someone with a Namaste, we are greeting the Brahman within the other person as well. Brahman is the beginning and the end. Brahman is an invisible force that waltzes through the universe, not caring about any of its attractions. This force is something that ignorant minds and ordinary masses can’t experience. The Upanishads, explain Brahman as the One, who is present in all and in whom all are present. Ancient seers who have gotten a glimpse of Brahman find it too sacred to be brought out and analyzed by everyone else.

The concept of Brahman is such that, it does not want to be worshipped in temples and even Gods cannot comprehend this concept. Brahman is not something that can be restricted to a shape or a form; it is too vast and beyond the understanding of normal human beings.

According to the Bhagawad Gita, Brahman is,

“He who is liberated and free from attachment, who has his mind settled in knowledge, whose actions are actions of sacrifice only, his actions fully disappear”

It is believed that the fire that is raised to understand Brahman, was taught to Nachiketa by Yama, the God of death. However, in due course, those learnings were lost.

The concept of Brahman remains a mystery. It has not wavered among various other concepts of Hinduism that have been questioned and analyzed. It watches silently, keeping a check on the laws of the universe through dharma and remains in the shadows.

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6 Comments on “The Ever Mysterious Brahman

  • I m sorry to poke you all in this way.My intention is to have a healthy exchange of ideas.The one i have quoted was what i studied in vaishnavism.As you said wecan agree to disagree.I SINCERELY APPOLOGIZE FOR POKING.

  • NO it is not so.Brahman is god,and it is eternal and you can find within yourself.It is evident
    from vibhuthi yoga of bhawat gita,vishnupurana and srimad bagawadam etc; and from vedas like narayanavalli and bruhuvalli.

    • Team Ishta Devata Post author

      Swathy: That is the beauty of Hinduism. It allows us to believe in different things. I guess we can agree to disagree 🙂

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    • Team Ishta Devata Post author

      Swathy: Yes, but it is widely believed that Brahman is something completely different from God. Brahman is something that the Gods have realized. So it is something bigger than the Gods.


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