Narasimha-Management Lessons from the Lion God

Narasimha Jayanti marks the fourth incarnation date of MahaVishnu as Narasimha or ‘half man – half lion’. An incarnation or avatar considered supreme among MahaVishnu’s ten incarnations, as Narasimha avatar signifies the Supreme’s love for one devotee.


Known for his unbound benevolence and grace to devotees, God Narasimha is worshiped and loved world over. Day long celebrations for Narasimha Jayanthi are underway around the globe. While there are several fascinating perspectives of God Narasimha.

Here are 3 management lessons to be learnt from the Lion God:-

#1. Honor Faith
The world moves on faith and no one illustrated this better than Narasimha! Threatened to death Prahlada his child devotee states the omnipresence of the God and says with absolute faith that the Supreme WILL be present even in the pillar. And Narasimha honors that faith…

As working professionals we are bound to support our colleagues’ commitments to implicitly honor the faith they repose. We often witness conflicts because someone committed on a client deadline or delivery and the rest of the organization or support team fails to honor. When we breach someone’s implicit faith not just do we create a low faith culture but we completely erode the moral fabric of the relationship.

An interesting quote from the famous movie Dark Knight that drives home the point – “…the truth alone is not enough, people need to have their faith rewarded”


#2. Respect Constraints
No one faced more constraints and process bottlenecks than Narasimha! God Brahama’s near immortality boon to Hiranyakashapu provided the Demon protection from death by man or beast, against devil or god, neither during day or night with steel or stone or wood, indoors or outdoors, or earth or in sky etc. And Narasimha adhered to every process hurdle and constraint that was imposed.

We often see processes as counter intuitive and drag when it comes to our work. Maybe it appears so at times…however what’s  important to understand is the larger purpose and the context based on which the process has been built. Hence, accept the reality. There is power in accepting and acknowledging the situation as is so that you can move forward. Respect the constraints, learn to work through them and do not allow them to get the better of you.


#3. Acknowledge Time
God Narasimha could have easily slayed Hiranyakashapu the moment the Demon uleashed tyranny. Yet he chose to wait for the right time. Einstein once remarked “Time exists so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

In our working lives we often wish if some things just happen at once. The inescapable part of our lives is that the future comes in installments, we get one moment at a time….and we need to make it worth the while! A lot of products, ideas and concepts which are too ahead of
time or behind it don’t make it. The agonizing truth is being ‘On Time’ after all even the Supreme follows it for success.

This Narasimha Jayanthi may be a good time for us to reflect upon these points and build them in our everyday work life. Ishta Devata wishes you the right direction and prosperity on this auspicious day.

May the Mighty Narasimha shower upon you his grace.



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