Why the King of boons hates Budget and expense planning?

Kanchi Varadaraja swamy, the King of Boons and the ever benevolent is known for his abhorring expense planning and budgeting.

As a typical middle class discipline, expense tracking is considered a virtue and over time we have been conditioned to practice it. In some households a monthly budget diary is maintained with daily updates of expenses as a matter of routine. While logically it seems like the right thing to do…after all one needs to save for the proverbial ‘rainy day’ and there are several linguistic adages supporting this practice, our wise elders forewarn us to count or mark expenses particularly when it comes to Kanchi Varadaraja.

In case you made a trip to this amazing shrine, DO NOT note the expenses incurred and update your budget dairy in the solemn instruction that has been handed down to us over generations. But what explains this?

Varadaraja PerumalOriginally concieved and built by Pallava King Nandivarman this 23 acre temple complex, in Kanchipuram had an eastern entrance to the sanctum sanctorum. The Pallava King Nandivarman post building this temple, asked for a detailed account of expenditure from his Finance Minister…..and sensing this the Deity Varadaraja felt offended.

Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple

Varadaraja or the King of boons, closed all access to the temple and turned over in rage….and just was not available even for darshan. Despite repeated pleas from the devout the doors would not open and the access continued to be blocked.

Speaking to the learned sage who tended to Varadaraja, the King of boons sent a reprimand to Nandivaraman questioning the Pallava King’s audacity on how he could stoop to a level where he budgeted and expense monitored something that was done for jana-kalyan or global good. Gloom prevailed over the kingdom and finally after several days of coaxing Varadaraja relented….and allowed for building a replica complex in the west.

Symbolic of the almighty’s advice of ‘avoid obsessing over money’, even today the eastern gate remains closed, and access to this breathtaking Kanchi Varadaraja swamy shrine is through the western gate. Several Chola Kings devoted to Varadaraja swamy subsequently built intricate pieces of art that adorn this massive temple complex.
Vardaraja swamy also known as the King of boons is known as ‘giver’…..and over time scores of devotees have been blessed with abundance. All one needs to do is ask
And over time, our wise elders have passed on this episode as a DO NOT item in our checklist….DO NOT note the expenses incurred and update your budget dairy after your visit to the Kanchi Varadarajar temple.

Stop budgeting and start asking….the King of kings is waiting to bless with you abundance.

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  • priya venkatesh

    Wow! Nice! But you know i have ask my son to do the Daily Expenses in our Diary every day. By that way they know the Family expenses and know the value of money and how to save it! I think he wont spent on unnecessary!


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