Akshaya Tritiya – Looking Beyond the Glow of Gold

In this post we elaborate on the pious Akshaya Tritiya day or the day that marks abundance for Hindus around the world.

The Gold rush on the Akshaya Tritiya day has become a common phenomenon off late. Every year people throng Jewellery stores to purchase their sovereign of success, call it the rising economic fortune or the growing savings mentality. This is in line with the common belief that any activity that is started on this day is bound to succeed and bring luck.

The word Akshaya, a Sanskrit word, literally means one that never diminishes, this is one of the four most auspicious days of the vedic calendar. Like all auspicious day Akshaya Tritiya also has several legends and lore behind it .

We bring you a few legends associated with Akshaya Tritiya:

  • Chandan Yatra and Advent of the River Ganga:

According to hindu tradition there are four Yugas or eras: Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga (Current). Akshaya Tritiya is considered as the begining of the Treta Yuga (Second) and coincidentally this is also the day River Ganges is believed to have descended from heaven to earth. A dip in the Ganges is considered to be very auspicious

  • The Celestial Miracle:

On this day a very rare celestial combination appears, because of which a “sacred energy field of a higher dimension and power” gets created. Akshaya Tritiya falls on the third day of the bright half of Vaishakh month (April-May), when the Sun and Moon are simultaneously at their peak of brightness, which happens only once every year. This rare celestial combination has a great impact, we are the peak of our potential on this particular day.

  • Kubera’s association with Akshaya Tritiya:

God Kubera the hindu god for wealth and prosperity prayed to Goddess Lakshmi and became the custodian of all the heavenly wealth and property.

  • Penning of the Mahabharath:

This day is also believed to be the day when God Ganesha and Sage Veda Vysa began to write the Mahabharatha.

  • Tale of Akshaya Pathram:

The Pandavas received the ‘Akshaya Pathram’ (bowl) from Lord Krishna (in the Mahabharata) on this day.

  • Agricultural Festival of Odisha:

Akshyaya Trutiya is an agricultural festival celebrated on the third day of the Hindu year through out Odisha. On this day the farmer ceremonially starts sowing seeds in the field, especially paddy. Early in the morning, farmers in their respective homes arrange the materials for the ritual. After taking ablution in a river or tank they wear new clothes and carry the seeds in new baskets. In the field, offerings are made to Lakshmi, the ‘Goddess of wealth’, which the farmers do it themselves. Then they sow seeds ceremonially praying the Goddess for a rich bumper crop.



Parashurama Jayanti

The Sixth Incarnation of God Vishnu – Parashurama was believed to have born on this day. Puranas spoke about how he reclaimed the land from the sea. It falls during Shukla Paksha Tritiya in the month of Vaishakha i.e. Akshaya Tritya day. It is believed that Parashurama was born during Pradosh Kaal and hence the day when Tritiya prevails during Pradosh Kaal is considered for Parashurama Jayanti celebrations. The purpose Parashurama the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu was to relieve the Earth’s burden by exterminating the sinful, destructive and irreligious monarchs that pillaged its resources and neglected their duties as kings. Do check the Parashurama Temple listed at Ishta Devata.

Looking Beyond Gold and Ornaments:

  • The Puja and prayers on this day is dedicated to God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Also Giving Alms and Dakshan’s to the poor is considered auspicious deed on this day. (Check out what can be donated and its significance)
  • Tarpan to deities and Elders on this day is considered auspicious.


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