Kaliyuga – According to the Puranas

The Vishnu Purana has a description of the Kaliyuga that is so accurate to the current happenings of the world. It is amazing to note that though the puranas were written so long ago, it had enough foresight that it was able to predict what would happen in the world so far into the future. According to the Vishnu Purana, Kaliyuga will be a time where there won’t be the concept of a king and his subjects; rather the person who governs the country will be chosen from a majority of votes. It also mentions that Kaliyuga will be a time when people no longer value values or have basic respect for living things. It says that cows will grow thinner. Marriage won’t happen out of love, but it would rather happen for greediness, selfishness and sex. And people won’t stay and fight for their marriage, they would rather separate and be away from each other. It says that men won’t respect their parents and would much rather be with their in-laws than their own parents and that women would be focused on their hair, which would be the main item of beauty.

It also says that the concept of knowing about religion and its scriptures would be lost in this yuga and people are considered smart if they are talkative, cunning and betray others for their own selfishness.

However, the puranas say that chanting the Lord’s name would grant them good grace, even in such troubled times. They say that the merits obtained by doing 10,000 years of meditation during the Satya yuga or by performing a yagna for 100 years in the Treta yuga or by praying to the idol of the Lord for 10 years in the Dwapara yuga, can be obtained by just chanting the Lord’s name for one day and one night continuously, in the Kali yuga. It is sad to note that people have become so skeptic that they refuse to have faith in the Lord’s name.

Even if we do not follow everything according to what the religion says, the world would be a better place if we could just do our work without adversely affecting the people around us. After all, that is the basis of Hinduism.

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7 Comments on “Kaliyuga – According to the Puranas

  • Any body know what happens when Krishna returns as Kalki?! Am american and new to Hindu and can’t find any details regarding the return and how it happens…. I looked and didn’t see much in the Puranas

    Thx mucho!!

    • Sairaj Janardhanan

      In the present yuga, the tenth Avatar, Kalki, has split into three aspects as the forms of Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai, and Prema Sai. This has not happened before and can be seen only in this Kali yuga. Sai Avatars have not taken place in earlier Kali yugas, nor will they take place in future Kali yugas. During Shirdi Avatar, I was preparing the food … In Sathya Sai Avatar, I am serving the food. In Prema Sai Avatar, everyone will enjoy the fruits of the divine meal.

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  • l belive last two lines because lord shows his viswarupa first to karmayoogi akroorar as he is a person who never fails his duty at any cause


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