Power of Rama Mantra

Rama Mantra

“Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night”

Prayer is one important thing that helps us communicate with God. Everyone of us wants to pray! But there is some constraint that doesn’t allow us to pray.

Our Mother Shakthi also had the same question in mind. Which mantra or prayer can be recited which is equivalent to Mantras like Vishnu Saharsanama. Lord Shiva, Mahadev had answered her with the below mantra – The Rama Namah!

Sri Rama Rama Rameti Rame Raame Manorame;

Sahasra nama tattulyam Rama nama varanane!’

This Rama namah is taken from the Vishnu Saharsanama. He also educated Parvathi that reciting the Rama Namah one time is equivalent to reciting the whole Vishnu Saharsanama stotra one time. In short, Rama Namah = saying 1000 Vishnu names (Vishnu saharsanama).



Conversation between Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva

Parvati Uvacha:

Kenoupayena Laguna  Vishnor nama sahasragam,

Patyadher Pandither nithyam Srothumichamyaham Prabh, 25

Meaning :

Parvathi said:

I am desirous to know oh Lord,
How the scholars of this world,
Will chant without fail,
These thousand names,
By a method that is easy and quick.

 Easwara Uvacha:

Sri Rama Rama ramethi reme rame manorame,

Sahasra nama thathulyam rama nama varanane

Rama nama varanane om nama ith, 27

Meaning :

Hey beautiful one,
I play with Rama always,
By chanting Rama Rama and Rama,
Hey lady with a beautiful face,
Chanting of the name Rama,
Is same as the thousand names.

Om Nama Rama Nama is same as

Benefits of Chanting Rama Mantra

Repeating the Rama Namah during the Bramha muhurtham is very auspicious. The Rama Namah is considered one stop solution for our day to day problems like protection from foes, financial problems, mental and physical health issues.



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