Vishnu’s third eye and the trinity representation

Devanatha Perumal the presiding deity of Tiruvahindrapuram Temple depicts the only form of Mahavishnu with a third eye. The third eye also known as the knowledge eye or forehead eye is typical of Shiva, but at this shrine devotees are blessed with Devanatha Perumal one of the forms of Mahavishnu with a third eye.

Devanathaswamy also embodies the amalgam of the supreme trinity representation i.e. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destructor. In a corollary to the third eye the God of supreme knowledge Hayagreeva, the guru of Saraswati is also seen here. Representing Brahma Devanatha Perumal here holds a lotus in his hand.

This temple is counted among the 108 Divya Desam or divine abodes of Mahavishnu and is also famous for both Garuda and Adi-Seshan having fetched water for Mahavishnu in his avatar as Krishna. Legend has it that Krishna was thirsty after the Kuruskshetra war, and sensing his thirst Adi-Seshan instantly created a river stream from Mother earth and Garuda fetched the water from a Sage’s kamandal.

Tiruvahindrapuram is about 12kms from Cuddalore, 30kms from Chidambaram and 40kms from Pondicherry.


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2 Comments on “Vishnu’s third eye and the trinity representation

  • Hey!! great post.They say that hayagrivar in this kshetram directly spoke to swami vedanta desikar,who comes in the vaishnava acharya lineage .
    It is also said that lord narrasimha has got three eyes agni,chandran and suryan.
    Great work expectation from you guys is building up


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