Why ringing the Temple Bell is good for your health

Ever wondered why ringing a temple bell may actually keep you in the pink of health! Read further as we unravel the science behind this ritual.

The temple bell is a familiar sight and prop one sees in almost every hindu temple. Devotees reach out and ring the bell, as a ritual just before entering the temple. The effect of this ritual is much more than a habit or age old practice.

Ancient wisdom has cleverly woven such practices that benefit us that we follow it on rote and fail to acknowledge the benefits.

On a closer examination, one would find an intricate composition of several metals that make up the temple bell.Various metals including cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and manganese in the right proportion is amalgamated to create the bell. In turn the sound and the ripple echo the bell generates reverberates on the human aura.

7 chakras


The sharp, tingling yet lasting sound that resonates for about seven seconds works on our seven healing energy centers. The seven healing centres or chakras in our body from Crown to Root are immediately cleansed. And the sound creates a shock that works as antidote to our otherwise cluttered mind.


The next time you ring a bell, don’t be in a hurry to move away from the sound ripple zone. Just stay for a few seconds, preferably seven, to experience the divinity and feel the refreshed aura.



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