What can we Donate on Akshaya Tritiya? what are its Significances?

Akshaya Tritiya

The Chithirai month is always know for giveaways- dhaanam, However Akshaya Tritiya is considered the best day to perform dhana.  Annadhanam, vastradhanam, footwear dhanam, umbrella dhanam are few of the popular dhana’s followed. It is believed that even the smallest of Dhana on Akshaya tritiya can bring in huge returns.

Donate_Akshaya Tritya

Things that can be given away as Dhanam.

Things Benefits
Dress/ cloth/Bedsheets Increase in Money and Prosperity
Curd rice/ Milk rice Longetivity
Sweets Removes obstacles in marriage
Rice and dal Removes fear of Death
Food for cows Peace of mind, Prosperity
Paanagam(a type of juice) Peaceful and fulfilled life
Umbrella/footwear Unity in the family/ Child boon
Helping poor students in education(fees and books)

Buying medicines for poor people with disease.

Performing marriage of Poor girls

Showers all prosperity and grants fulfilled life.

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