What can be Purchased on Akshaya tritya day?

It is a common belief that purchase of gold or silver jewellery on Akshaya tritya will bring in prosperity, but other things can also be purchased below is the list of things and their benefits.



Household Provisions

Endless supply of Cereals

Clothes and jewellery

General prosperity
Salt Will invite Goddess Mahalakshmi to stay at home.

Goddess Mahalakshmi

Those who are not able to spend too much money and buy things for their house can simply rely on salt and buy some salt for the house. Salt is considered auspicious and prosperous as it has come out from the sea like Goddess Mahalakshmi. Not only this, people can buy anything that will be of use to their Household.

On Akshaya tritya day, the Gods and Goddess it is more than enough if people pray to lord with faith

It is believed that On Akshaya tritya if one prays to god and donates to the needy (check what can u donate) he/ she will be blessed with Abundance. Ishta Devata Wishes you happy Akshaya tritya!

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