Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 15 – Vyomasura and Agasura

Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 14 – Krishna Faces 2 More Asuras- Vatsasur And Bakasur

In this episode we will read about how Krishna killed the snake demon- Agasura and Vyomasura.


Hearing of Bakasura’s murder, Kamsa felt the ground slipping from under his feet. Lost in deep worry, he began to exert even harder for his safety. He called Vyomasura, son of the chief of the demons, and entrusted him with the task of killing Krishna. Vyomasura assured Kamsa of his success and left for Brindavan. Reaching there, he took stock of the situation carefully. He chalked out a plan and transformed himself into a gopa (cowboy). Then he joined the company of Krishna’s friends. After winning their confidence, he suggested a game to be played. In this game, most of the gopas were to act as sheep and a few as their guards. As for Vyomasura , he was to act as a thief to steal the sheep away. So, he began to take away the sheep-gopas, and shut them in a cave. Not only this, he carried away some guard-gopas as well.


Thus he was able to shut up most of the gopas in the cave. When only four or five gopas were left behind, Krishna became doubtful and said to himself,” where are my friends? So many of them are gone! I think I must follow this guy”. Seeing him shutting a gopa in a cave, Krishna saw through his trick and fell upon him. Vyomasura came to his real form and a fierce combat began.

Krishna gave him a terrible blow that he fell down lifeless. Then Krishna set all the cowboys free and they all returned to the pasture.



Kamsa was now fully aware to the prowess of Krishna, but the foolish fellow was not ready to give up his evil ways. He, now, approached Vyomasura’s younger brother, Aghasura. This demon transformed himself into a huge python, and lay on the path along which Krishna and his friends drove their cattle to the pasture. The gopas, ignorant of the python, kept driving their cattle and were soon inside the wide open mouth of the huge python. They had, in fact, taken it for a cave in a hill. Moreover, they were now fearless, as they were confident of Krishna’s indomitable strength.


Krishna was coming at the end. When he saw the wide-open mouth of the python, he called out, “Friends! Stop and turn back. You are advancing into trouble.” But the gopas did not hear his call, and went on moving further into the mouth of a python. So,Krishna ran fast and got into the python’s mouth. He began to enlarge his size so that the python might not close its mouth and devour all of them. Krishna enlarged himself so much that the python was unable to shut his mouth. On the other hand, he found it difficult to breathe. Thus the python, Aghasura, was choked to death and all the gopas came out safe and sound along with their cattle.




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    Lord Krishna’s glories & greatness is unfathomable. Lord Krishna will go to any extend to save his devottes.


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