Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 16 – Dhenukasura and the fire demon

Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 15 – Vyomasura And Agasura

Remember the last episode? All the gopas (cow boys) came out with their cattle safely from the serpent, Aghasura’s mouth when Krishna killed him. After that, everyone was irresistibly attracted towards Krishna, more than ever before. Krishna was dear to his parents because he was dutiful and obedient. His friends loved him because of his friendly nature and cheerfulness. The neighbours loved him because he protected them from all dangers. The gopikas (cow maidens) loved him for the beauty and the divinity of his very being. Thus Krishna was the darling of all.



Time passed, and the boys grew older. They took the cattle for grazing to the rich pastures of Brindavan. Some distance away from where the boys usually played, there was a beautiful orchard. Near the orchard lived a demon named Dhenukasura along with his family. He used to roam in the form of a huge ferocious ass, and killed animals and men who passed nearby. The gopas came to know about that orchard, and one day they suggested to Krishna that they all go and enjoy the juicy fruits.


Krishna at once agreed, and soon all gopas with Krishna and Balaram made for the orchard. Balaram went up to the trees and shook them mightily. As the trees shook, the fruits fell to the ground. Dhenukarsura heard the noise and got angry. He came running in his form of an ass. He charged Balaram, and hit him on the chest with his hind-legs. Balaram sprung a counter-attack by seizing the ass’s hind-legs which had been raised to strike again and whirling the ass round and round in the air, he tossed the ass against a tree. Now Dhenukasura’s men also reached the scene. Krishna ran to help his brother Balaram. A big fight took place. Krishna and Balaram caught Dhenukasura by the legs and struck them against tree trunks killing them one by one. After that, the gopas enjoyed the fruit to their hearts content, and danced and sang at their victory over Dhenukasura. From then onwards, the orchard was free for romping by the gopas.


Krishna Sucks Wildfire

 Krishna used to accompany the gopas for grazing the calves daily. The cows and the calves kept grazing while Krishna, along with his gopa friends, indulged in various playful activities and thus they all enjoyed themselves.

fire demon

One day when Krishna was engaged in play with his friends, the cattle strayed to a long distance, and reached a forest with a dense growth of wild grass. Roaming and grazing there, the cattle lost their way. They began to mow loudly to attract the attention of their grazers. Hearing the loud cries of the cattle, the gopas were reminded of them, and so went about looking for them. Soon they reached the forest with the wild grass where their cattle were grazing. Unfortunately, the grass burst into flames due to a forest-fire, and the gopas felt worried about the safety of their cattle. They might be roasted alive! They requested Krishna to do something to save their cattle. Krishna smiled “ My dear friends! Close your eye and think that the cool summer breeze is blowing on you. Wake up not until I ask you to” The gopas did not want to close their eyes at first, but when asked again they complied with Krishna’s suggestion in implicit faith. As soon as they closed their eyes, Krishna began to swallow the fire and in a few moments there was not even a sign of it anywhere. All the gopas praised Krishna for this miracle.


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