Sri krishna Stories – Episode 14 – Krishna faces 2 more Asuras- Vatsasur and Bakasur

Today we will read the story of 2 more Asuras who were sent by Kamsa to attack Krishna.


When Krishna had grown a little older, he insisted on going with the older boys in order to graze cows and calves on the pasture lands. Nanda and yasoda were reluctant to send him out with the older boys, however, He persuaded them and left with the boys.


At Mathura, Kamsa was not able to sleep in peace. He kept remembering how Krishna had killed Trinavara. He felt his death looked sure and imminent. So, he sent another demon, Vatsasur, to kill Krishna. This demon could transform himself into any creature. The demon came to Brindavan, assumed the form of a calf, and mingled with the rest of the Krishna and other boys herds. To the other boys, Vatsasur looked like any other calf. But Krishna could tell it was really a demon, not a calf. Krishna pointed Vatsasur to his brother Balarama. Quietly, Krishna sneaked up on the calf from behind and caught it by the hind legs. He whirled it round and round, and dashed it against a nearby tree. There was a little fight with the demon.Afterwhich, The animal fell down on the ground with a thud and was killed. Soon the body turned into an awful demon. The cow boys (gopa boys) cheered loudly, and began to dance merrily. Krishna was the hero of the day.


Lessons for Life from the story: If you have ever seen a little calf, don’t they look cute? They are so warm and innocent and adorable. In the same way, we must watch out for people who disguise themselves as warm and adorable, but really have evil intentions. Krishna can protect us against such types.



Vatsasur’s death was another blow to Kamsa. He felt death staring him in the face. So, this time he sent Poothana’s brother and motivated him to avenge his sister’s death by killing Krishna. Pooothana’s brother transformed himself into a huge Baka (crane) and flew to Brindavan. He came to the waterbody where the gopas bring their cattle to drink water.


As usual, the gopas came to the place with their cattle. But they were highly amazed as well as frightened to see the huge Baka (crane). A few boys ran towards Krishna “ Krishna, there is a huge bird near the river, come fast” While Krishna came into sight, the Bird approached Krishna and pecked him with his beak. The gopas panicked at the sight and some of them fainted.

Now Krishna made his body so hot that it began to emit flames, and it began to scorch the throat of the Baka. Unable to bear the heat, Baka spat out Krishna, and began to attack Krishna with his strong pointed beak. Krishna was more than a match for him. He caught Baka’s beak in his hands and tore it apart. Bakasura gave out a loud painful scream and dropped lifeless on the ground. The gopas were soon revived and embraced Krishna lovingly.

Lessons for Life from the story: The crane caught Krishna in its mouth. Like that, sometimes people use clever speech to disarm us and make us little. Watch out for such people! If we adhere to always speaking truth and doing right, like Krishna, we will become too “hot” for them to grip us in the jaws of their mouth – their powerful speech will have no effect?


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