The Pandavas’ Journey To Heaven


According to the great Hindu epic, the Pandavas won the great battle of Mahabharata, restored their pride and won their respect back. However, once they heard about the death of Krishna, they were deeply saddened and lost their interest to exist in this world.

The Pandavas decided to give up the materialistic world and decided to go to heaven.Draupadi was also part of this plan. They soon left their kingdom of Hastinapura and began their journey to heaven.

As their first step towards reaching heaven, they headed to Dwarka only to find it immersed in the sea. In Dwaraka, Agni appeared and said to Arjuna, “Your Gandhiva and the quivers have served their purpose. I have obtained these from God Varuna. It is time you returned to him.” Arjuna worshiped his Gandhiva and quivers and returned to Agni.

The Pandavas reached Himvana. During the course of their journey, Draupadi, Sahdeva, Nakula, Arjuna and Bhima passed away. Only one dog, who had been with them remained. Yudhisthira finally reached the peak and was greeted by Indra who had come to take him to the heavens.  As a result of his righteousness, Yudhisthira had the privilege of going to the heavens in his human form.

Immediately, the dog changed into a divine form. There appeared Dharma, the father of Yudhisthira. In the grand hall of the heavens. Yudhisthira witnessed Krishna surrounded by all gods. Karna was sitting among the Adityas, Bhishma among the Vasus and his ancestors and heroes and warriors who had died in the war. He was also surprised to see Duryodhana present in the hall.

Narada explained to Yudhisthira that Duryodhana never showed any fear, he had always been just, he died a brave’s death that too in the holy place.

Since Yudhisthira had told only one lie in his otherwise sinless life, he was made to come to the heavens from the side of hell. All his brothers and others had to spend a few hours in hell as a punishment for all their sins.


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