How To Perform Hanuman Pooja At Home?

How To Perform Hanuman Pooja At Home

In the previous post we looked up on when and what Hanuman Jayanthi is all about. In this post we will see about How to perform the Hanuman pooja at home.

Significance of performing Hanuman pooja.

Hanuman pooja can be performed on Saturdays and Tuesdays. However any day is ideal to perform the Hanuman Pooja. He is said to bestow courage to succeed, enormous physical and mental strength.


It is advised to invoke the seven sacred rivers in the water that you take bath. This is said to purify the body and mind.

Mantra to chant for this invocation

“Gangecha Yamunaschaiva Godaavari Saraswati Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannidham Kuru”.

Once you have taken bath, wear clean clothes, clean the home and the puja altar. Then do the preparations for the puja.


Materials Needed For Hanuman Puja

  • An idol or picture of Lord Hanuman,
  • Lamp, oil, wicks, incense sticks, camphor,
  • Tulsi leaves and tulsi garlands, betel leaves and nuts,
  • Banana, coconut, other fruits possible,
  • A variety of flowers and floral garlands,
  • Some nice dishes you can prepare,
  • Turmeric paste, sandal paste, and kumkum.

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Ganesh puja

First and foremost Lord Ganesha should be worshipped for the success of the pooja.

So, install a picture or idol or turmeric image of Lord Ganesh near the Hanuman idol.

Before the starting of the puja, pray to Lord Ganesh to remove the obstacles and for the successful completion. Take some water and flowers in hands and chant the following mantra.
Vakra Tunda Mahaakaaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kurume Deva Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvataa


Preparing the Altar

Install the picture or idol of Lord Hanuman on the pooja altar or on a raised platform.

Decorate the idol with tulsi garlands, turmeric paste, kumkum, flowers, sandal paste and other materials.

Meditate on Lord Hanuman and chant His bheej mantra, “Aum Shri Hanumate Namah”.

Light the lamp and pray to Lord Hanuman to be present(avahana) in the idol or picture and accept the puja you are doing.

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Hanuman Puja With Mantra

Start Hanuman puja by repeating the Hanuman Bheej mantra 21 times.

“Om Shri Hanumate Namah”
Offer flowers, fragrant materials, incense sticks and other offerings to Lord Hanuman. Chant the following Slokas of Hanuman.
“Manojavam Maaruta Tulya Vegam Jitendriyam Buddhimadaam Varishtam
Vaadatmajam Vaanara Yudamukhyam Shri Raam Dhuutam Sharanam Prapatye”

Also, chant the mantras of Lord Shri Rama since Hanuman can be easily pleased by chanting the names of Ram.

“Shri Rama Rama Rameti Rame Rame Manorame
Sahasranaama Tattulyam Rama Nama Varaname”

You should also read the Hanuman Chalisa.


Hanuman Puja Conclusion

Make the offerings after the pooja is done; also perform the arathi for Lord Hanuman. Prostrate in front of the altar and prayer stating your wishes. Serve the Prasad to near and dear ones. On the following day morning light the lamp, offer flowers, water and thank Lord Hanuman for being merciful and visiting your home. Move the deity a little to the North direction and ask him to go back to his heavenly abode and return when needed.



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