Hanuman Jayanthi


Hanuman Jayanthi is a well-known Hindu festival celebrated every year by thousands of people across India. The festival is celebrated commemorating the birth of the mighty Lord Hanuman. The festival falls in the Hindi month of Chaitra, on the full moon day (Chaitra Pournima), which is 15th day of Shukla Paksha. In 2017 Hanuman Jayanthi falls on 17-Dec-17.

Hanuman Jayanthi Celebration

Lord Hanuman is considered a very powerful deity who is being worshipped by Hindus all over the world. He is known to be the most obedient and devoted disciple of Lord Sri Rama. Devotees throng the temples on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanthi to celebrate the birth of Lord Hanuman. This festival is closely associated with the native traditions and cultures of Hindus. During Hanuman Jayanthi, various holy rituals such as abhishekas and poojas are performed in the temple beginning early in the morning. Lord Hanuman is perceived as a symbol of divinity, devotion, strength and energy. Devotees chant the revered ‘Hanuman Chalisa’, believing its ability to conquer the evil and provide peace of mind. As a tradition, devotees usually worship Lord Hanuman by visiting his temple, after taking a holy bath and praying the Lord with utmost faith and devotion. Applying the red tilak (vermillion) on their foreheads, they chant holy verses of the God, such as the Hanuman Chalisa. They also offer special poojas for the deity and perform pradarshana around the temple complex. Lord Hanuman was born in the Vanara clan, who in general is said to have reddish orange body complexion. This is the reason attributed to most Hanuman shrines having reddish orange colored idols of Lord Anjaneya. Once the puja is over, devotees apply the sacred red Sindur on their foreheads, considering it as a Prasad from the deity. Various sweets such as ladoos are distributed as Prasad to the people visiting the temple. Devotees believe that Lord Hanuman fulfils all their wishes.

Hanuman Jayanthi in Maharashtra, is celebrated on the Purnima( full moon day) of the Hindu Lunar month of Chaitra. However, according to other Hindu calendars, it usually falls on 14th day (chaturdashi) in the Ashvin month during the new moon cycle. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, this festival is celebrated on Amavasya ( New moon day) of the Tamil month Margazhi (between December and January). In Odisha, it is celebrated on 1st day of the month of Baisakha (in April). In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated on 10th day of Vaishaka month in the Krishna Paksha. It is a 41 day long celebration in Andhra Pradesh which begins from the Chaitra Purnima and ends on the 10th day of the Krishna Paksha during the month of Vaishakha.

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