How to observe Sankatakara chathurthi.

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We all know that Sankatakara chathurthi is observed to relieve oneself from the troubled times, but how many of us know, how it has to be done!

On Sankatakara chathurthi day  pray to sankatahara ganapathy by reciting the below mantra for 21 times and  fast until

“ஓம் நமோ ஹேரம்ப மதமோதித மம சங்கடம் நிவாரய நிவாரய”

“Om Namo heyramba mathamothitha ma-ma sankatam nivaraya nivaraya”

Then perform 21 sastanga namaskaram and offer 2 coconuts, other fruits and 21 kollukattai to the lord. The fast is completed on seeing the moon. The Sankatahara chathurthi fast can be observed whenever we face problems. As per Skanda purana, those who observe the sankatakara chaturthi fast will be blessed with boy child, wealth and health as per their wish.


Heramba ganapathi

Heramba ganapathi

There are various legends about Sankatahara Chathurthi.

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2017 Sankatakara Chathurthi Day



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