How to perform Ganesha pooja at home

How to perform Ganesha pooja at home

Lord Ganesha is known as the first and foremost god among the Hindu deities. He is first revered before any endeavours. People pray to him to remove obstacles and bestow success in all their ventures. So here is a post on How to perform the Ganesha pooja at Home.

Auspicious days to perform ganesha Pooja.

Ganesha pooja can be performed on Mondays, Chaturthi and Sankatahara Chaturthi days.


Things required for Ganesh Puja

The things required to perform the Ganesha pooja are an idol of Lord Ganesha, oil, wicks, lamps, camphor, betel nuts, banana areca nuts, durva grass, arka flowers, modak, available fruits, sandalwood paste, kumkum and flower garlands.


Preparations for Ganesh Puja

  1. Wake up early and take bath.
  2. Invoke the presence of the 7 sacred rivers in that water that is used for bath.(like we did for the Hanuman Pooja) Chant the below mantra to invoke the 7 rivers.

                  “Gangecha Yamunaschaiva Godaavari Saraswati Narmade

                        Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannidham Kuru.”

  1. Clean the altar and house for the pooja.
  2. On a raised platform or the altar of your home, place a wooden plank and spread a white cloth on it. Place an idol or picture of Lord Ganesh on it.
  3. The idol and altar are decorated with turmeric paste, flower garlands, kumkum, sandal paste and other fragrant materials. Light the lamp and pray Lord Ganesh to remove the obstacles to the puja and for successful completion of the pooja.
  4. Take some water and flowers in hands and chant the following mantra for the purpose.

                            Aum Gan Ganapatye Namah
Vakra Tunda Mahaakaaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kurume Deva Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvataa
Shri Vighna Vinaashakaaya Namaha, sarvobachaaraan samarpayaami.

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Ganesh Puja Type – 1


First and foremost Lord Ganesha is meditated upon by chanting the below Ganesh Bheej mantra  21 times–

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namah”
Sprinkle some water on the statue of Lord Ganesha and chant the below Mantra.

Asmin Bimbe Sumukham Shri Mahaganapatim Aavaahayaami (It means ‘Let Lord Ganesh be installed in this image’).

After which place the offerings (seat, flowers, water, sandal paste, turmeric paste, kumkum, arka flowers, durva grass,) one by one at the feet of Lord Ganesha.


Ganesh Puja Type – 2

There is another way to perform the Ganesha Pooja at home.

The Bheej mantra of Lord Ganesha is chanted for 108 times and Durva grass and arka flowers are offered to Lord Ganesha.
The below Ganesha Slokha is chanted.
                                        Gajaananam Bhuuta Ganaadi Seevitam Kapitta Jambu Phalasaara Pakshitam
Umaa Sutam Shokavinaasha Kaaranam Namaami Vighneshwara Paada Pankajam

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Completion of Ganesh Puja

Perform a karpoora harathi to Lord Ganesha at the end of the Pooja. Pray to Lord Ganesha and ask him to bestow your wishes. Also offer some flowers to Lord Ganesha. Distribute the prasad to your near and dear ones. On the following day, after a bath, light the lamp and Thank God Ganesha for visiting your residence and bestowing your wishes.



As mentioned earlier in this post, Lord Ganesha is the first and foremost of all deities. He helps people attain success by removing obstacles in their venture. He also blesses devotees with strength; clarify of thought, prosperity, courage and success.



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