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Sri Pundarikakshan Temple


The temple is situated in Thiruvellarai and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is also one of the 108 Divya Desam Temples.

About the Temple

The temple is located on a mountain-side. It is white and the temple is called as Thiruvellarai, a Dravidian style temple. It is said that the Sri Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple is built by the King Sibi and later developed by Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagar kings and Madurai Nayakars. Sri Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple is surrounded with walls made by granite. The Rjagopuram (the temple tower) of this temple is found to be uncompleted because of the unlucky accident took place during the construction of the tower. The Vimanam (the tower above the Sanctum) of this temple is called Vimalaakkruthi Vimaanam. The temple is also called as Adhi Vellarai, since 64 Chathuryugas was said to be passed the shrine of Sri Pundarikashan Perumal Temple as soon as the Lord appeared there.

About The deity

The deity in the temple is Lord Pundarikakshan Perumal. He is seen to be in a standing posture facing the east direction.The other important deities of this temple are Goddess Shenbagavalli is also called as‘Peri Pirattiyaar Lakshmi Devi’, Garuda (the sacred eagle bird), Goddess Bhoomadevi, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Surya, Lord Chandra, Aadisesha. There are two entrances found for the temple, the Moolasthanam of the temple named as“Utharayanya Vaasal” and “Dhakshanayana Vaasal”.Utharayanya Vaasal is opened from 15 January to 15 June, Dhakshanayana Vaasal is opened for the rest of the period. Lord Pundarikashan perumal is worshipped by the name Maayavan during Dakshinayanam and as Thai Maatha Naayagan during Uttarayanam. The two entrances signifies the birth and death of living beings. The carvings of Lord Narasimha and Lord Varaha, the two great Avatars of Lord Vishnu are found in this temple. The temple tank is called Swastika (form of an equilateral cross), which is considered to be a very sacred and auspicious symbol.There are carvings on the pillars of the temple representing the different postures ofLord Krishna, especially Lord Krishna dancing on a pot in swastika posture

Legends and Stories

Legend has it that during a conversation in Tiruparkadal, the Ocean of Milk, Lord Vishnu praised Mother Mahalakshmi that He was very happy to see all beings prosperous because of Her grace and offered a boon to Mother. Mother said that though she had no greater boon than of sharing His chest, She would yet claim to have more rights in the Milk Ocean, Her place of birth. Lord said that as He was all in the ocean, Her prayer could not be granted there and advised Her to come to earth for the boon when the Lord would be granting darshan to Emperor Shibi. It was a period in South India when hands of demons were up and strong. Emperor Shibi, with his vast army came here to destroy them and protect the people. On their way, a white swine appeared before the army and created troubles. The army with all its might could not succeed in capturing the animal. Even the emperor could not succeed. When he chased the animal around the hill, he saw sage Markandeya performing penance there and explained his experience. The sage told the emperor that he was too lucky that the Lord had come before him in the form of Varaha-swine while he (sage) was toiling to have the darshan of the Lord. The sage also advised the emperor to perform abishek to the ant-hill there with milk. Emperor Shibi did so and to the delight of all, Lord Narayana granted darshan to all. Mother Sengamalavalli is in the sanctum sanctorum. During festival times, Mother leads the procession in a palanquin.


At this temple, the Chithirai summer festival and Chithirai Poornima-full moon day in April-May; Gajendra Moksham (Lord Vishnu granting salvation to an elephant); Aavani Srijayanthi in August-September with procession, Panguni Brahmmotsavam on Tiruvonam star day in March-April are celebrated.

Prasad and Offerings

Devotees perform the Bali Peeta Tirumanjanam and offer pudding-Pongal nivedhana to Lord.


Devotees pray for child boon

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Temple Address

Sri Pundarikakshan (Thamarai Kannan) Temple,
Tiruchi district,
Pincode -621 009


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • To pray for good fortunes

Achutham Keyshavam Rama Narayanam Krishna Damodaram Vasudevam Harim Shridharam Madhavam Gopika Vallabham Janaki Nayakam Ramachandram Bhajey

Meaning -Oh Lord who cannot be perished, who also has names like Keshava, Rama, Damodara, Narayana, Sridhara, Madhava, Krishna, Ramachandra the beloved of Janaki, let me say your name regularly.

Vasudeva Sutham Devam Kamsa Chanoora Mardhanam Devaki Paramanandham Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum

Meaning -I bow to you O Krishna, the ultimate guru, Devaki and Vasudeva's son, and the destroyer of Kamsa and Chanur.

Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram Nayanam Madhuram Hasitam Madhuram Hridayam Madhuram Gamanam Madhuram Mathuraa Dhipate Rakhilam Madhuram

Meaning -Meaning - Sweet are Your lips, sweet is Your face, sweet are Your eyes, sweet is Your smile, sweet is Your heart, sweet is Your gait, O Lord of Mathura, everything about You is sweet.

Alokya Mathur Mukha Madarena Sthanyam Pibantham Saraseeruhaksham Sachinmayam Devam Anantha Roopam Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami

Meaning -I think of this Balamukundan as the one who looks lovingly at his mother's face while taking milk from her, who has eyes similar to the red lotus, who is the embodiment of truth and intelligence and other forms.


7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Weather in Thiruvellarai
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