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The Thiruvanchikulam Siva temple is situated at Thiruvanchikulam 2 kilometers from Kodungallur in Thrissur area, Kerala. It is one of the major Siva sanctuaries in Kerala. The directing divinity is Lord Siva in 'Sada Siva' (quiet) shape. The spot Thiruvanchikulam itself have both religious and verifiable significances. It was the capital of Chera dyanastyu ruled here till the thirteenth century. The old seaport town Musiris (the lost city) and the Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy temple are the first things one notification in Kodungallur. The temple is accepted to be assembled by Cheraman Perumal, a fanciful Chera ruler. It is likewise trusted that Cheraman Perumal (additionally called as 'Kulasekhara Perumal) and his clergyman and companion Sundaramoorthy Nayanar left their life in the temple.

The temple is located in a place namely Parambu, and is accepted to be the antiquated castle spot of the Cheras. This temple had experienced a few attacks in the stream of time. The Dutch and The Tipu Sulthan of Mysore are the conspicuous ones, who annihilated this temple amid their attacks. The temple is redesigned in 1801 AD, and is trusted that the primary symbol of worship, Siva linga is brought from Chidambaram Rameshwara temple, the most well known Suva temple in South India. The primary offering in the temple is "Shankabhishekam" (pouring "Shanku" blossoms on the symbol, where is "Shanku" is Clitoria ternatea otherwise called "Aparajitha" in northern India). The headliner in the temple is 'Dhambathi Pooja' (couple offering), in which venerates the Siva-Parvathy double and lead them to the "Palliyara" (typically their own bed room). It is trusted that the 'Palliyara Darshanam' give happiness for overcome obstacles in great marriage and tyke ripeness. The temple is all around put away with antiquated paintings, woodcarvings and "Salabhanjikas" (figures), which merit seeing. There is "Kanikkonna" (Indian Laburnum) in the temple premise, which sprouts each season. Day by day 5 poojas are offered to the divinity including one 'Sreeveli'. The yearly celebration of this temple falls on "Kumbham" (February-March), endures 8 days and celebrated with extraordinary excitement. The celebration closes with the "arattu" in Periyar River, in another moon day.

The temple is found 2 kilometers far from Kodungallur and is effectively available. There are regular transports from Thrissur to Kodungallur. The beach front thruway NH 17 uniting Ernakulam and Mumbai goes through this town. The closest railroad station is Irinjalakuda, 15 kilometers away and the closest airplane terminal is Cochin International air terminal, 35 kilometers away. The Kollam-Kottappuram conduit III winds up in Kodungallur. The temple allows just Hindus. "The temple is praised in the hymns of Saint Sundarar. It is noteworthy that Tiruvanjaikalam in Kerala was the last spot from where Sundarar left the world for Kailash on the white elephant as graced by Lord Shiva. It is also noteworthy that the story of Epic Peria Puranam by inspired poet Sekkizhar begins at Kailash and ends at Kailash with Sundarar as the main character of the epic. The epic is a poetic biography of Saivite Saints who lived in Tamilnadu spreading Shiva philosophy at a time when Saivism faced the onslaught of other religions. Reaching Tiru Anjaikalam, his last day on Earth and readying to reach Lord Shiva, Sundarar’s excitement was high. In his last song, he recalls the handsome appearance of Lord Shiva wearing garlands, the Ganga on His head, the tiger skin dress, serpents on His shoulders as ornaments and the scenic beauty of Tiru Anjaikalam where Lord Graces in the name of Mahadeva.Mahashivrathri in February-March is celebrated grandly for 8 days with Aarattu on the New Moon day.

About the Temple

Mahadeva Temple

There are two icons in this temple, considering as two "upadevas" (sub divine beings), of them. This is the temple having the biggest number of Upadevas in Kerala. Master Ganapathy, Cheraman Perumal, Sundaramoorthy Nayanar, Brangiradi, Sandhyavelakkal Sivan, Palliyara Sivan, Sakthi Panchakshari, Bhagavathy, Goddess Parvathy, Lord Parameshwara, Prodhosha Nrithya, Sapthamathrukkal, Rishabham, Nandikeshan, Unni Thevar, Lord Ayyappan, Lord Hanuaman, Nagaraja, Lord Pashupathi, Nadakkal Sivan, Lord Subramanyan, Goddess Durga Bhagavathy, Goddess Ganga, Konnakkal Siva, Kottarathil Thevar, Nagayakshi, Dakshinamoorthy, Althara Gopudan Swamy and so on are adored here alongside Lord Siva. Lord Mahadeva was the family deity of Chola kings. The idol was brought from Chidambaram and installed here in the year 1801, according to epigraphic details. There is a shrine where Sundarar and Cheraman grace together. There are more than 25 deities around the prakara. This is the only temple in Kerala that has a long round prakara.

About the Deity

Mahadeva Temple

Tiru Anjaikalam Mahadeva Swami temple is the only shrine in Kerala praised in Thevaram hymns. Mother Ambica graces with Lord Shiva in the same sanctorum in Sadashiva form. Sage Parasurama came to this place and worshipped Lord to cleanse himself from the sin of killing his mother.

Legend and Stories

Tiru Anjaikalam is a gem among the Shiva sanctuaries of Tamilnadu sung by Saint Sundarar, otherwise called Nambi Aroorar, Thambiran Thozhar (Friend of Lord Shiva). He was conceived in Tiru Navalur in Villupuram locale. At the point when Cheraman went by Tiruvarur, Sundarar stretched out him all neighborliness to him. He made a trip with the lord to numerous Shiva focuses in Chola, Pandya and Kongu locales in the state. He came to Kodungalur in Kerala and stayed with the ruler Cheraman. Proceeding with his voyage, he spread the superbness of Lord Shiva.

Visiting Timing

30 minutes
Best time to Visit

Aug to March


The Utsavam is held in the Malayalam month of Kum­bham (Feb-Mar), during which the festival of Shivratri is celebrated in a grand manner. Aanayottam is conducted as part of the festival. Devotees attend the Palli-yara pujas, held just before the temple closes in the evening, on full moon nights, to pray for a happy married life and to be blessed with children.


The dhambathi puja (puja for couples) performed in the temple in evenings, is considered very important. Then follows the palli arai puja which devotees attend seeking child boon. This darshan also helps reunion among couples separated for some reason or other. This puja is arranged at the request of the devotee with prior appointment and registration. Thiru anjaikalam mahadeva swami temple is the only shrine in kerala praised in thevaram hymns. Mother ambica graces with lord shiva in the same sanctorum in sadashiva form. Sage parasurama came to this place and worshipped lord to cleanse himself from the sin of killing his mother. Devotees perform archanas with vilwa leaves and vastras. Saint Sundarar was only 18 when he came to Tiru Anjaikalam with his King, Cheraman Perumal, who was his friend. He enjoyed his place in the hierarchy and tried to be relieved from the bonds of earthly life. The hymn “thalaiku thalai was his last song. Responding to the appeal, he comes on the white elephant. Sundarar continued to sing the praise of the Lord him with an elephant.Sundarar thought of his bosom friend cheraman perumal. Cheraman took on his horse, flew, went round sundarar thrice and reached kailas before him, probably ready to accord a reception to sundarar. Sundarar, even during his journey, continued to sing the praise of lord gracing him with an elephant to reach kailash. Sooner he completed this song, he reached the lord. As directed by lord shiva, varuna the god of rain took the song and delivered at the mahadevar temple at thiru anjaikalam.



The nearest airport to Kodungallur is at Nedumbassery International Airport at Kochi, at a distance 35 km away. Taxi services are available from Kochi to Kodungallur costing about Rs 500. Kochi airport is well connected to all major airports in India and also connected to many foreign cities. Direct flights are available to Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.


The nearest railhead to Kodungallur is located at Iringalakuda, at a distance of 16 km away. Iringalakuda is well connected with other major railway stations. It is in the main route connecting Kochi and Palaghat. Taxi services are available from railway station to Kodungallur at a fare of about Rs 300.


Kodungallur is well connected by KSRTC buses and private transport buses. The city is connected to Kochi (35 km), Thrissur (38 km) and Guruvayur (45 km). Tourist deluxe luxury buses are available from many cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum and Kozhikode to Kodungallur.

Temple Address

Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple,
Methala, Thiruvanchikulam, Kodungalloor,
Kerala, Pincode – 680664.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Happy married life
  • Wealth
  • Removal of sins

Kailaasarana Shiva Chandramouli Phaneendra Maathaa Mukutee Zalaalee Kaarunya Sindhu Bhava Dukha Haaree Thujaveena Shambho Maja Kona Taaree

Meaning -Oh Lord Shiva who is seated on Mount Kailash, where the moon decorates his forehead and the king of serpents crown his head, who is merciful and removes delusion, You alone can protect me. I surrender to thee.

Aum Trayambakam Yajaamahey Sugandhim Pusti Vardhanam Urvaarukamiva Bandhanaath Mrutyor Muksheeya Maamritaat

Meaning -We worship the fragrant Lord Shiva, who has 3 eyes and who cultivates all beings. May He free me from death, for immortality, as even a cucumber is separated from its bond with the vine.

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