Did you know that there are 14 Lokams?

Did you know that there are 14 Lokams (worlds)?!?!?!

14 different worlds

As per puranas, there are 7 worlds each below and above us.

Names of 7 worlds above and who resides in them, are as follows,

Chithyalogam- Brahma

Thapoologam – Devas

Janologam- Pitrus (departed forefathers)

Swargam- Indiran and Devas

Maharalogam – Saints

Punarlogam- Planets and Star deities

Bhoologam- Humans and animals, anything possessing senses between one and six


The 7 worlds within or below us  and its inhabitants are,


Vidhalalogam- asuras

Sudhalalogam- Mahabali(though he was born in the Asura clan, he was devoured by Vishnu)

Thalathalalogam- Forces adept in sorcery

Mahathalalogam – Asuras who attained fame.

Paathalalogam- Snakes like Vasuki

Rashathalalogam- Asura gurus



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