Can simply seeing the Moon Increase your chance of success?

Chandra Darshan (25-June-2017)

Chandra Darshan day when the moon shows up for the 1st time after the waxing phase begins. It is auspicious to site the moon in the west during sunset. It is believed that, we will be prosperous the whole month on siting the moon on this day. As per Navagraha Purana it is also quoted that on siting this phase of the moon a 1000 times, one is sure to be blessed with long life, say more than 80 years.

Chandra Darshan (25-June-2017)

Celebrations and Rituals During Chandra Darshan

On the day of Chandra Darshan, Hindu devotees worship the Moon God. Devotees observe a strict fast on this day to please Chandra Dev. Devotees do not eat or drink anything all through the day. The fast is broken after sighting the Moon just after sunset. It is believed that a person who performs all the ritualistic worship of Moon God on the day of Chandra Darshan will be bestowed with endless good fortune and prosperity. Offering donations is also an important ritual on Chandra Darshan. People donate clothes, rice and sugar among other things to Brahmins on this day.


  • Attain prosperity and success through the month.
  • Live for more than 80 years if the person sites this phase of the moon a 1000 times

Site the moon and let us know the success.


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