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Thanikkudam Bhagavathi Temple


Thanikkudam Bhagavathi Temple is a Hindu Temple located in Thanikkudam of Thrissur city in Kerala. Thanikudam is located about 10 km north east of Thrissur town. Goddess Bhagavathy is the principal deity.

About the Temple

The exceptionally renowned temple is in Thrissur area. Accepted to be the most capable devi managing here. The Thanikkudam Bhagavathi Temple in the Thrissur region may resemble whatever other temple in Kerala yet there is a distinction. The symbol of the principle divinity is taken to a close-by lake on exceptional events for a blessed plunge, called Aarattu in Kerala for the most part. Nonetheless, things work the other route round in the Thanikkudam Bhagavathi temple. As the rainstorm increases, the Thanikkudam River floods and the water achieves the temple's sanctum sanctorum. Since the stream exemplifies waterway ganga, and the day its waters totally submerge the icon inside, it is viewed as the day for Aarattu. Devotees throng the temple to take a plunge in this water, a demonstration they accept will bring them thriving. "Aaaraattu is held once in a year here. Devotees take a heavenly dunk in the water alongside the icon".

About the Deity

The presiding deity is vana durga known as "thanikkudathamma". Idol of Kshethrapalan is also installed in this temple.

History of the Temple

History says that once in chunakkathoor kavu temple there was iratta pradista. One is Sree Parvathi and the other one is Devi. A conflict began between the bhramins (the clerics of temple) and the nairs. Nairs took the devi symbol and begin voyaging. The awesome sword of devi was not given over to nair's by the brahmins. Indeed, even today, the prophets of thanikkudam temple won't touch swords with their deliver any occasion. They achieved a place called thiruvan kadu and made "devi's" prathista under a thani maram. Along these lines got devi's name "thanikkudam bhagavathy". The temple was assumed control by the Cochin Government in 1850 A.D. In 1950, Cochin Devaswom Board assumed control over the control.

Legend and stories

Legend says that the sila symbol of the Goddess was initially introduced underneath a Poovam tree by a highborn Nair of the area. Once an old Brahmin who was eager moved toward a Brahmin house and asked for sustenance. One of the haughty individual from the family guided the Brahmin to reach close to the Poovam tree where the icon was introduced and to call Varasyar for sustenance. The old man did as needs be and a woman showed up and gave nourishment and requesting that he visit following day moreover. When he went the following day, to his surprise, he could locate the whole structures and surroundings of the Brahmin who coordinated to him to the varasyar had been obliterated by flame. The old Brahmin then acknowledged it was none other than the Goddess that gave him sustenance on the earlier day. From that point, a temple was developed and Goddess Bhagavathy blessed. Three trees – Poovam,Thanni and Arayal – at the temple complex are considered as sacrosanct.


Annual festival in Medom (April-May) and Vishu Sankramam are the important festivals.

How to Reach Thanikkudam Bhagavathi Temple

The nearest airport is Cochin (Nedumbassery) International Airport (50 km). The nearest railway station is at Thrissur (10 km). Thanikkudam temple is easily accessible by road transport. Private buses are there to Thanikkudam temple stop from "vadakke bus stand" thrissur in every 5 minutes.

Temple Address

Thanikkudam Bhagavathi Temple,
Thanikkudam, Thrissur, Kerala,
India, Pincode – 680028.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Yaa Devii Sarvabhuuteshhu Maatrirupena Sansthitah Yaa Devii Sarvabhuuteshhu Shaktirupena Sansthitah Yaa Devii Sarvabhuuteshhu Shaantirupena Sansthitah Namastasyaih Namastasyaih Namastasyaih Namo Namah

Meaning -Goddess Durga is omnipresent and a personification of the universal mother, who is omnipresent and who embodies power and energy. Oh great mother, who also embodies peace, I bow to you, mother, I bow to Durga and I bow to Shakti.

Ayi Giri Nandini Nandita Medini Vishva Vinodini Nandi Nute Giri Vara Vindhya Shiro Adhi Nivaasini Vissnnu Vilaasini Jissnnu Nute Bhagavati He Shiti Kannttha Kuttumbini Bhuri Kuttumbini Bhuri Krte Jaya Jaya He Mahissaasura Mardini Ramya Kapardini Shaila Sute

Meaning -I offer my salutations to the mountain's daughter, who fills the world with joy, who is praised by Nandi, who lives on Vindhya's summits, who gives joy to Her brother Lord Vishnu and who Lord Indra praises, Oh Goddess who is Lord Shiva's consort and who created abundance. The destroyer of the demon Mahishasura, the one with beautiful hair and the mountain's daughter, victory to you.

Madhu Kaittabha Vidhvamsi Vidhaatr Varade Namah Ruupam Dehi Jayam Dehi Yasho Dehi Dvisso Jahi

Meaning -Oh Devi Durga, we salute you for destroying Madhu and Kaitabha and granting Lord Brahma the boon of protection. Please bestow on me spiritual beauty, victory and glory and crush my inner enemies.

Mahissaasura Nirnaashi Bhaktaanaam Sukhade Namah Ruupam Dehi Jayam Dehi Yasho Dehi Dvisso Jahi

Meaning -We salute Goddess Durga who destroyed Mahishasura, the demon, who bestows a lot of happiness on Her devotees. Please bestow on me spiritual beauty, victory and glory and crush my inner enemies.


The temple is open from 05:30 am to 11:00 am and from 05:30 pm to 07:30 pm.

Weather in Thanikkudam
Scattered Clouds
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