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Sastha Temple / Kizhur Sastha Temple


Kizhur Sastha Temple is an ancient shrine at Chandragiri, 10 km north of Bekal in Kasargod District. It is dedicated to Lord Sastha (Lord Ayyappa). The ancient temple of Chandragiri is popularly known as Kizhur Sastha Temple

About The Deity

The Lord Sastha (Ayyappa) is the principal deity. Goddess Bhagavathy and Lord Subramanya are the other deities.

Legend and Stories

The legend of the temple is associated with the Sastha temple at Chambravattom in Malappuram District. The Sastha of Chambravattom was voyaging towards north. When He achieved Chandragiri, he was pulled in by the beautiful excellence of the place and settled there in a forest. The woods belonged to a renowned tharavad of the locale and they sanctified the icon of Sastha and venerated as their family god. Later a temple came up there. At the point when the temple of Bhagavathy at Chembarikayal was sub-converged into ocean, the icon of the temple was conveyed to the Sastha temple and sanctified in a different sanctorum. It was a family temple of Valliyodan tharavad till 1955 and from then on the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department assumed control over its organization. This temple had been committed to Lord Shiva's child. The presiding deity is in the form of Lord Kirata, one of the Avatars of Lord Shiva. Men and ladies wear beautiful outfits and visit the premises of the temple. They offer worship as well as bid for a brilliant future and an upbeat presence. Lord Shiva is extremely altruistic and exceptionally loves his devotees. He is additionally said to soothe them of every single common agony and shameful acts.


The temple is renowned for Patt Ulsavam (Song festival). Cheriya Patt and Valiya Patt are the important festivals. Cheriya Patt begins in the month of Thulam (October-November) and Valiya Patt in the month of Vrichikam (November-December). Professional singers sing in praise of the deity during the festival period.

How To Reach Kasargod

As such there is no airport in Kasargod District but the nearest airport is in Mangalore is almost 70 kilometers away. One can easily board bus or taxi to reach Kasargod. One can also access the district via railways as Railway line passes equivalent to the coastal line. Kasaragod is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses.

Temple Address

Sastha Temple / Kizhur Sastha Temple,
Chandragiri, Kasargod District, Kerala.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Prosperity
  • Bring consciousness
  • Bliss
  • Free from ego

Om Bootha Nathaya Vidhmahe Bava Nandhanaya Dheemahe Tanno Sastha Prachodayaath

Meaning -We worship Lord Shiva's son, Ayyappa. Salutations to Saastha (Ayyappa). May Ayyappa encourage our creativity.

Mattha Mathanga Gamanam Karunyamrutha Pooritham Sarva Vigna Haram Devam Sastharam Pranamamyaham

Meaning -I salute Lord Ayyappa, who has an elephant's gait, who is compassionate and who destroys all obstacles.

Loka Veeryam Mahaa Poojyam Sarva Rakshaakaram Vibhum Parvathee Hirdya Anandham Saasthaaram Pranamaamyaham

Meaning -I bend down to Lord Shastha, who defends Dharma and Sastra and who brings happiness to Parvathi's heart, the fearless warrior that protects all, who has great glory and who warrants great admiration and devoted worship.

Bhoothanatha, Sadananda, Sarva Bhootha Daya Para, Raksha Raksha Maha Baho, Sasthre Thubham Namo Nama

Meaning -I offer my salutations to Lord Sastha, the master of all beings, who is infinitely every happy, who is merciful towards everyone, I pray, protect me great hero.


The temple is open from 5.00 Am to 12.30 PM and from 5.00 Pm to 8.45 Pm.

Weather in Chandragiri
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