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Madhur Temple / Sri Madanantheshwara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple


Madhur Temple is located at a distance of 8 Km from Kasaragod town. The Madhur Temple is situated on the banks of river Madhuvahini.

About The Temple

Madhur Temple engineering is of 3-layered gajaprishta sort taking after the back of an elephant. One can likewise discover delightful wooden carvings portraying scenes from the Ramayana.The incomprehensible roomy gopurams give great feeling for the devotees to unwind and appreciate the Ganapathi`s nearness. The rich engineering of Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple is exceptional three-layered vault, copper-plated material and a sheltered court rises gloriously against the delightful scene of the Madhuvahini River. Namaskara Mandapam of this temple is enhanced with dazzling pictures of fanciful legends in wood. A more inside and out examination of the wood carvings will uncover the diverse scenes of the Ramayana, beginning with the Seethga Swayamvaram. The Mantapam in within this temple structure and the outside exterior of the second and additionally third story of this fundamental building are likewise copious by decent looking and sublime wood carvings.

About The Deity

The main deity is Lord Siva. The idol is very small. The growing idol of Lord Vinayaka is very big. Now it has a height of about 2.00 M. The idol is consecrated in 10th Century AD.

Legend and Stories

The legend says that Madharu, a dalith (a regressive group) lady unintentionally struck her sickle on a stone while she was gathering grass for creatures and the stone began dying. Terrified lady educated the reality to the nearby ruler who persuaded the holiness of the place and he blessed the symbol of Lord Siva in the spot. Despite the fact that Lord Siva is the chief divinity, the Lord Vinayaka (Ganapathy) icon is more acclaimed. The establishment of Lord Ganapathy is related with a legend identified with Siva Yanja directed by awesome holy people. Amid the Yanja there was an overwhelming precipitation which made the Yanja unimaginable. Understanding their idiocy, the holy people illustrated Lord Vinayaka on the mass of sreekovil and offered pooja. Master Vinayaka satisfied and showed Himself in the photo. The present icon of Lord Vinayaka is made of Kadusarkara and earth. It is expressed that the symbol began developing on three measurements, when it developed and going to touch the top of the sreekovil, aficionados petitioned God for confining further development. The Lord satisfied with the lovers and quit becoming on a level plane yet began to develop vertically. It is expected that the symbol may grow up more vertically and the present sreekovil must be remade. Jaya Simha, leader of Kumbala assembled a triumph stone known as veerakallu to check his triumph over Pandya rulers.

The legend of Kumble seme says Tipu Sultan needed to devastate the temple like Adooru Mahalingeswara temple amid his attack of Coorg, Tulunadu, and Malabar. Be that as it may, in the wake of drinking water from the well of the temple, he altered his opinion on assaulting and devastating the Garbhagudi and walked towards Malabar. However, to fulfill his fighters and Islamic researchers he made a cut with his sword symbolizing the assault. The stamp is still unmistakable on the building that is worked around the temple well.


The annual festival of the temple starts on the Meta samkramam day and concludes on the fifty day. On Vishu day special poojas are held. Yakshaganam is main entertainment during the festival. A special festival associated with the temple is the Moodappa seva. The large idol of Lord Ganapathy is covered with appam (sweet rice cake). Considering the enormous expenditure the festival is celebrated once in a blue moon.

Pooja and Offering

Lovers typically offer supplications to Mahaganapathi as "Udayastamana". "Appa", Madhur's well known prasad, is an exceptionally top notch planning. This is arranged every day and anybody offering supplications can profit these at the counters. Among the uncommon poojas that are performed, "Sahasrappa" (Thousand appas) is exceptionally noticeable. It comprises of making an offering of thousand appas and afterward the lovers get the opportunity to bring home all these (and eat them with full relish). Another extremely extraordinary pooja that happens is Moodappam Seva which includes covering the Mahaganapathi statue with Appam. This is typically done on a group scale. Ganesh Chaturthi and Madhur Bedi are the events when the temple is at its busiest. The temple as a rule does extraordinary poojas on all the significant celebrations.

How To Reach Kasargod

As such there is no airport in Kasargod District but the nearest airport is in Mangalore is almost 70 kilometers away. Other airports are in Kozhikode (Calicut), almost 200 kilometers and Kochi (Cochin) at 350 kilometers. You can easily get bus or taxi to reach Kasargod. One can also access the district via railways as Railway line passes equivalent to the coastal line. Kasaragod is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses.

Temple Address

Madhur Temple / Sri Madanantheshwara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple,
Neerchal - Kottakkani - Madhur Rd,
Madhur, Kasargod District,
Kerala, Pincode - 671124.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • To overcome obstacles

Vakratunda Mahakaaya Suryakoti Samaprabha Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Deva Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada

Meaning -I pray to thee O Lord, who has a curved trunk and a strong body, the shine of a million suns, to remove all the hurdles that may block me from all the tasks I intend to perform.

Agajaanana Padmaarkam Gajaananam Aharnisham Anekadantham Bhaktaanaam Ekadantam Upaasmahey

Meaning -The sun to Mother Parvati's lotus face, I worship Lord Ganesh, with the elephant face, the one who grants a lot of wishes, the one with the single tusk, I salute thee to grant my wish.

Gajaananam Bhoota Ganaadhi Sevitam Kapitta Jamboophaala Saara Bhakshitam Umaasutam Shoka Vinaasha Kaaranam Namaami Vighneswara Paada Pankajam

Meaning -Oh elephant-faced Lord, who is served by all the Ganas, who consumes the essence of Kapitta and Jamboophala, His favourite fruits, who is Uma's son, who destroys the gloom of His devotees, who handles hurdles, we worship your lotus feet.

Tatpurushaaya Vidmahe Vakratundaaya Dheemahe Tanno Danthihi Prachodayaat

Meaning -We meditate on the great power, we call upon the single tusked Ganesh, who grants wishes.


The temple is open from 05:00 AM to 1:30 PM and from 05:30 PM to 08:00 PM.

Weather in Madhur
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