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The Budhan temple is located in Thiruvengadu and is dedicated to planet God Budha.

About the temple


Thiruvengadu is home to the Aghoramurthy - Lord Shiva's fiery form, Veerabhadrar. Many shrines in the temple are dedicated to significant deities like Goddess Durga and Kali. The Spatikalingam here is offered special pujas as in Chidambaram. It is also believed that Lord Shiva took the fierce form of Aghoramurthy, to kill the demon Maruttuvan, to whom Lord Shiva had given his weapon Shoolam - which Marittuvan had misused.

It is one of the navagraha places dedicated to the planet God Mercury. Budha (Mercury) is considered to be a favourable planet. The ponds, Soma Theertham and The Surya Theertham, it is said are created by the sun and the moon and bear lots of significance. It is believed that the Soma Kundam and Surya Kundam are referred in Silappathihaaram. Thiruvenkadu, one of the navagraha places is the Budhan sthalam dedicated to Planet God Mercury. Thiruvenkadu literally means, in Sanskrit as Shwetaranya or sacred white forest. This is also called as Adhi Chidambaram and the Chidambara Rahasyam is also here. As seen in Chidambaram, Lord Vishnu is near Nataraja, Lord Shiva. Special pujas are done to Lord Nataraja and the associated Spatikalingam, as in Chidambaram. The God is Shwetaranyeswarar and His wife is Goddess Brahma Vidyambal. It is believed that Suryan, Indran, Airvatam,Chandran and Budhan have worshipped Lord Shiva here. Thiruvenkadu is one among six holy places equl to Kasi. The other five are Thiriveni Sangamam ,Rameswaram, Gaya, Thilatharpanapuri and Srivanchiyam. This is also one of the 51 shakthi Peethas. This place is also called as aathi chidambaram. For good education one worships Goddess Bramma Vidyambigai Amman. It is situated 15 kilometers away from Vaitheeswaran Koil, on the Sirkali Poompuhar road. Vilvam and Konrai are the other Sthala vrikshams here.

About the Deity


The presiding deity is Lord Shiva as Swedharanyeshwarar and Goddess Parvati as Brahma Vidya Nayaki Ambal (Brahmavidyanayaki).

Legend and stories


Agora Murthi is the presiding deity in this temple. It is said that Agora Murthi was one of the furious forms of Lord Shiva. There was an Evil named "Padmasuran" in Thiruvengadu. He worshipped Lord Bhrama with deep devotion and penance for power. Happy with his devotion, Lord Bhrama blessed him with many powers.

But Padmasura used those powers for all the wrong reasons and started to torture the saints and innocent people. Helpless saints and people requested Lord Shiva to put an end to this evil. As they begged for rescue, Lord Shiva took his incarnation of 'Agora murthi' and killed 'Padmasuran under a tree.( which is now in Thiruvengadu temple, back to the entrance of idol of Agora murthi) All the people thanked Lord Shiva for saving them.


Purattasi (tamil month) Navarathri
Special Prayers to Agora Moorthy on the Sundays of Karthigai(tamil month)
10 day Indira Festival in Maasi (tamil month).


Nadai Thirappu

06:00 AM- 12:30 PM

Nadai Thirappu

04:00 PM- 08:30 PM

Rare Facts


A unique feature about Swetharanyeswarar Temple is that the idol of Lord Shiva has five faces, Sadyojatam, Vamadevam ,Tatpurusham, Aghoram and Easanam.

The idol of Nandi at the entrance is another unique feature here. It bears nine scars on its body and is seated at the entrance of Devi’s shrine.


Nearest Major Town/City

Kumbakonam - 52 kms from Kumbakonam to Tiruvenkadu
By Train

Nearest Railway Station: Mayiladuthurai.
By Bus

Buses are available from Sirkali, Mayiladuthurai (Within 30 mins of Travel from both ends)
By Air

Nearest airport: Trichirapalli


Sri Swedaranyeswarar Swamy(Budha) Temple,
Thiruvenkadu (Po.), Sirkazhi (Tk.),
Nagapattinam (Dt). PIN – 609 114.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • For success in business
  • To gain knowledge
  • To overcome marriage hurdles and begetting children
  • To get rid of nervous system ailments
  • To get relieved from Budhan dosham
  • To get rid of problems related to respiration like asthma and bronchitis

Palasha Pushpa Sankaasham Taarakaa Graha Mastakam Rowdram Rowdraat Makam Ghoram Tam Ketum Prana Maa Myaham

Meaning -I pray to Ketu, who looks similar to the Palaasha flower, who is the head of the stars and planets, who is scary and violent.


6 a.m. to 12 p.m.4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Weather in Tiruvenkadu
Scattered Clouds
13° 15°