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Sri Ashtalakshmi Sametha Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy


Vepanjari is a small village, 75 kms from the temple town Tirupati. Vepanjeri means a sacred place. Vepanjeri in Telugu – VEM means Sins, PANCHA means Five, Hari means ‘place which removes’, meaning the abode of the Lord who gets rid of the five grave sins of his devotees. Now today it is popularly known as Vepanjari.

About The Temple

This temple is situated at Jainath. It is a small village at 21 km from Adilabad. A stone inscription in Prakrit language with 20 verses in the temple states that it was built by a Pallavan chief. The temple has all the features of Jain style of temple architecture. Therefore, the village got its name Jainath. Here one can find glimpses of the influence in the construction and the architecture of the country. The temple has all the features of Jain style of temple architecture. Testimonials scripted in rocks are found here wherein the importance of the temple is highlighted in the form of verses.

About The Deity

This is one of the ancient Vaishnavite Shrines where Lord Sri Lakshmi Narayana is the presiding deity in this temple. His consort, Sri Lakshmi, seated on his left thigh, controls the effective dispensation of grace and divine providence. In this temple one can notice that Sri Lakshmi looking intently into the eyes of Lord Sri Lakshmi Narayana, offering blessings to the devotees. Fire sacrifice (Yagna) will be performed on every Full moon day.

Legends and Stories

Sri Lakshmi Naryana Swami Temple dates back to the 12th century, when Kulottunga III of the Chola dynasty was ruling this region. Then, during the Vijayanagara rule, King Saluva Narasimha paid attention to this ancient temple. Between 1814 and 1880, Komandur Ramanuja Iyengar managed the temple. Even today, the descendants of the Komandur lineage are managing the temple. In 1986, the temple was reconstructed for the first time by the Komandur family in the Pallavan style of architecture.


Sri Pattabhi Rama Swami Annual Brahmotsavam will be celebrated in the month of Chitra month (March/April) in every year for a period of 9 days.

Daily Sevas

Name of the Seva Timings
Abhishekam (anointment) to Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swami 08:00 AM onwards

Weekly Sevas

Name of the Seva Day of the Week
Pooja to Vidya Vinayaka Swami Mondays
Pooja to Navagrahas Tuesdays
Pooja to AshtaLakshmi Devatas Fridays
Pooja to Sudarshana Chakrathalvar Saturdays
Pooja to Bhaktha AnjaneyaSwami Sundays
Kalyanotsvam Sundays at 11:00 AM

Nearby Place To Visit

Sri Asta Lakshmi Temple,
Dasavathara Pushkarini,
Sri Dhanvanthri Temple,
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Those facing problems in marriage talks, seeking child boon, burdened with debts, education, job, physically weak and ailing, those facing loss in business pray to Lord for solutions and perform regular poojas. After realizing their prayers, devotees perform Tirumanjanam (abishek) to Lord.



Adjacent to railway station, there is a new APSRTC bus station, and from platform 17 are plying to Vepanjeri upto 9:30pm with half hour interval.


Vepanjeri is a small village situated 15km east of Chittoor in AP, India., connected by bus via GD Nellore.

Temple Address

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swami Temple,
Vepanjeri Village,
Gangadhara Nellore Mandal, Chittoor (Dst.),
Andhra Pradesh.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Removal of debt
  • Good health
  • Knowledge
  • Family welfare
  • Attainment of noble positions
  • Fame

Adhilakshmi Namasthesthu Parabrahma Swaroopine Yeshodhehi Dhanamdehi Sarvakamamcha Dehimey Mangaley Mangaladhare Mangalya Manggalapradhey Mangalartham Mangalesi Mangalyam Dehime Sadaaaa

Meaning -Goddess Adilakshmi, the supreme Brahman, we offer our salutations to you and ask you to grant us wealth and prosperity. Fulfill our wishes O auspicious Goddess for you are auspiciousness personified and you grant auspiciousness. Grant us eternal happiness and prosperity.

Namasthesthu Mahamaye Sri Petesura Poojithey Sanguchakra Gatha Hasthey Mahalakshmi Namosthuthey Namasthey Garudaroodey Kolasurea Bayankari Sarva Papa Hare Devi Mahalakshmi Namosthutehy

Meaning -Oh all powerful Mahalakshmi, the seat of wealth and who devas worship, salutations to you, for you are one who has a conch, a disc and a mace in your hands.

Namastulasi Kalyaani Namo Vishhnupriye Shubhe Namo Moksha Pradey Devii Namah Sampatpradaayinee

Meaning -I bend down to Tulasi, who is so dear to Lord Vishnu and who bestows good luck on devotees, who helps one attain salvation and who bestows wealth on all devotees.

Samudra Vasaney Devi Parvathasthana Madale ; Vishnupatnii Namasthubhyam Paadha Sparsham Kshamashamey

Meaning -Oh Mother Earth, I beg your forgiveness for placing my feet on you, the one who wears oceans, forests and mountains and Lord Vishnu's wife, I bow to you.


The temple is open from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Weather in Vepanjeri
Scattered Clouds
13° 15°