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Shani Bhagawan Saturn Temple


The Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple or Dharbaranyeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple devoted to God Sani situated in Tirunallar in Karaikal region of Pondicherry, India. The temple's managing god will be God Shiva, Dharbaranyeswar and the spot Tirunallar was truly known as Dharbaranyam.

About the Temple

Shani Bhagawan (Saturn) Temple

In the Thanjavur District studded with scores of sanctuaries exists in Tirunallar close Karaikal, the previous French region, the antiquated temple of Darbharanyeswara. This temple was gone to by the Saint Tirugnana Sambandar in the seventh century A.D. who sang padigams (decadal verses) in recognition of the God. In like manner, his contemporary Saint Tirnnavukkarasu and later, Saint Sundarar (ninth century A.D.) had gone to the temple and sung padigams lauding the God. Holy person Arunagirinathar (fifteenth century A.D.) had likewise gone to it and sang psalms included in his stupendous work Tiruppugazh.

The name TIRUNALLARU is said to speak to the relationship of Nala of the Nishadha nation who got his deliverance from the abhorrent impacts of Shani (Saturn) by conjuring the God's kindness here. (Nala + Aru = Nallaru). Aru additionally passes on the signifying to heel and the two words taken together will mean Nala's place of reclamation or the pace where Nala secured his recovery from the hold of Saturn through the God's Grace. Others are slanted to peruse the signifying between streams in the name Nal-Aru, as this spot is arranged amidst two waterways in the north i.e. Noolaru and Vanchiaru and one in the south Arasalaru. What's more, this name all things considered happens in the before padikam and in addition in the Inscriptions. Furthermore, the name of Nallaru this holy place has additionally other name, for example, Adipuri, Darbharanyam, Nagavidangapuram, Naleswaram and so forth.

Since the essential divinity Darbharanyeswara his consort Praneswari, Shaniswar and the few different divine beings and goddesses revered here have the ability to offer blessings to the lovers, several them visit this temple every day. There is the extra fascination of a few holy tanks which exist here and which are said to, have mending powers truly and also metabolically.

A wonderful Rajagopuram in five levels ascending to the sky and enhanced with a wealth of terracotta model as we approach the temple. As one enters and perambulates round the circumambulatory way the holy place of Kalathinathar and Karpakavinayakar are seen, which are promptly adored. The pictures of the four extraordinary Shiva Saint other than those of the 63 - Nayanmars are spoken to at the turn of the southern Prakara of the temple, and paramount element here is the picture of Nala house in a different holy place toward the end of the exhibition of the 63 - Nayanmars. On the western way are seen three figures having am stackable sage-like appearance. What's more, it is trusted that one of them is, that of the Chola ruler Raja, it is sustenance for specialists as this picture is so strikingly like the one found at the passage of the Nritta Sabha in the Nataraja temple at Chidambaram. The other eminent gods in this line are Swarna Vinayaka and Subramanya.

The picture of God Shaniswara is found in an effortless standing posture housed in corner on the left half of the God's Sannithi. He is shedding consideration as he is wearing the part of Anugrahamum and a Perennial stream of Bhaktas throng here to love Him and acquire His elegance during the time on critical celebration days. There are a few tanks here which are considered profoundly blessed. They are individually Brahma Tirtha, Vani Tirtha, Hamsa Tirtha, Agasthia Tirtha, Nala Tirtha, and so on., The Sthala Vriksha here is the Darbha plant (Kusa grass).

About the Deity

Shani Bhagawan (Saturn) Temple

Shaniswara has additionally different names, for example, Mandam [dullard Pangu[lame] Kartam (black man) and so on. Since the takes about three decade finish one circle round the sun he is figured as a moderate moving planet. The name Sanaichara means moderate moving. What is more, his vehicle is the crow the well known dark feathered creature. The shade of his pieces of clothing is likewise dark. As indicated by soothsaying, Saturn is the God of the houses.Makhara (Capricorn) and Kumbha (Aquarius). He is lifted up in the house Thula (Libra) and is Ayurkaraka or at the end of the day, represents our life compass, Sesame or the gingelli is his most loved seed and cooked rice blended with sesame is the most loved innocent dana.The Siloatatnakara notice the bird as his vehicle. It is additionally said that lights bolstered with gingili oil and lit before him decreases the power of his male life and Saturday being his day in the week the offerings on that day of gingili oil nourished lights and gingili-rice convey to the fan incredible excellencies other than getting the sluggish impact alleviated if this happen to be harrowed by it.


Shani Bhagawan (Saturn) Temple

As per legends, Shani is the child of the Sun [the Chief of the sunlight based system] by Chhaya, the shadow of Samine his wife. He was requested by his dad to take his place amongst the planets and connect with himself in meeting out delights and distresses to mortals in extent to the benefits and bad marks earned by them in their past lives.

Rare Facts

Shani Bhagawan (Saturn) Temple

This is the main temple where the directing god is said to have been made utilizing a Dharba (Type) Grass.



The nearest airport is at Trichy (Thiruchirapalli) which is around 140 km away from Thirunallar (4:00 hours by bus. 3:30 hours by Taxi). If you ask me for the next nearest airport, then I would say "Chennai". Though there are other airports, the connectivity between Chennai and Thirunallar is very high. If you cannot reach Trichy, then you had better reach Chennai and then from there you can either come by bus (7:30 hours) or Taxi (6 Hours). Bus details are given below in this blog.


You can reach any one of the nearest railway stations listed below and then reach Thirunallar by auto or taxi or bus. Some of the nearest railway stations to Thirunallar are:

Karaikal (6 km) Train Number: 16175 (KARAIKAL EXP) Station Code: "KIK"
Nagore (19 km) Nagore-Thirunallar Route Map
Nagapattinam (23 km) Nagapattinam-Thirunallar Route Map
Mayiladudhurai(38 km) Mayiladudhurai-Thirunallar Route Map
Thiruvarur (40 km) Thiruvarur-Thirunallar Route Map


Please note that Karaikal (6km from Thirunallar) is the main town. So most of the buses will be available only till Karaikal. If your bus does not pass through Thirunallar, then book your tickets to Karaikal and then from there you can take an auto-rickshaw or bus to Thirunallar.


Lord Saneeswara Bhagawan Sthalam,
Karaikal District,
Pondicherry, India


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • To be relieved of hardships
  • For general well-being of people born under Pushya/Poosam/Puyam
  • Anuradha/Anusham/Anizham
  • Uttarabhadra/Uttirataadhi stars

Palasha Pushpa Sankaasham Taarakaa Graha Mastakam Rowdram Rowdraat Makam Ghoram Tam Ketum Prana Maa Myaham

Meaning -I pray to Ketu, who looks similar to the Palaasha flower, who is the head of the stars and planets, who is scary and violent.


6:00am to ~ to 12:30pm ~ 4:00pm to 8:30pm

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