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Harshidhi Temple


Dwarka is an important site for Hindu pilgrimages. It is also known as the kingdom of Lord Krishna. Being one of the four major pilgrim places for Hindus, the city is a part of the "Char Dham" Yatra. Many tourists and devotees visit this city throughout the year. One can visit the temple on the way back from Dwarka. It is around 70 kilometres away from Dwarka while advancing towards Jamnagar in Gujarat.

About the Temple

The Harshidhi Temple is dedicated to Ambica Mataji and is located at the top and bottom of the Koyla Hill, which is near Dwaraka. Harsidhi Matatji is otherwise called Ambica Mataji and Kalki Mataji. The nearby individuals call this divinity "Harshad Mata". The ancient temple on top of the Koyla hill, has the same construction styles of the Navlakha Temple of the Chalukya Dynasty in Ghumli, where as the temple in the bottom of the hill is quite modern. On the northern side of the temple is the fire pit, where Harshad Mata used to roast and eat the King of Minalpur Prabhatsen.

Legend and Stories

Around about 2000 years ago, the capital of the Chavda Kingdom was Minalpur. The lord there was Prabhat Sen Chavda. Minalpur was a primary port and exchanging used to be finished with outside shores. Once, during the sacred celebration of Navratri, the 7 wives of Prabhatsen were playing garba. Jagdamba Mataji, from the Koyal slope, additionally donned decorations and fine garments and took the presence of a beautiful woman, came down to play the Raas. Lord Prabhatsen, who was watching the celebrations from the castle got attracted and lured to this fine woman and the blazes of shrewdness energy rubbed off on him. Late at night, when Mataji began walking towards the hill, he began to tail her. Taking a gander at this, she was furious and reviled him and let him know to come consistently to the temple to be eaten alive. So consistently, the King needed to go to the temple to be broiled alive in the flame pit and to be eaten. The following day she would make him alive and send him back to his castle. This day by day condemnation had taken its toll on King Prabhatsen's well-being and he got to be extremely feeble and slender.

Amid that time, the maternal cousin of Prabhatsen, the Great King, Vir Vikramaditya went ahead the journey of Dwarka and turned into his visitor. On seeing the state of his cousin, King Vir Vikramaditya requested the reason and he was told this story of torture. So the colossal Ruler Vikram chose and took the presence of Prabhatsen and strove for fulfilling the condemnation of his cousin. Seeing show of adoration and valor satisfied Mataji, so she conceded a wish to him. Lord Vikram requested 2 wishes. 1.To soothe his cousin of the condemnation and 2.To turn into his visitor at the capital city Ujjain of his kingdom of Malvan. She allowed his wishes. In any case about tolerating his wish about her visit to Ujjain, she kept the condition that she would take after the his band by walking and she denied him to think back and check whether she was nearing or not which he concurred and he looked then Mataji will stop by then just. On coming to the edges of his capital city of Ujjain on the banks of stream Shipra, King Vir Vikramaditya out ofcuriositythought back and accordingly Harshidhi Mataji ceased there itself. Indeed today the Temple of Harshidhi Mataji is still there and It is said that from that point forward, Mataji goes day by day there for night stay and returns to Koyla slope amid the day. On the northern side of the temple is the flame pit, where Harshad Mata used to dish and eat the King of Minalpur Prabhatsen. It is an extremely uncommon spot for Jamnagari individuals, Even today numerous individuals stroll from city to this temple ( this temple is 120 KM from city ) .This is not quite the same as The Harsiddhi temple in Ujjain which is one of the fifty Shakti peethas where the Kurpara(Elbow) of Devi fell."




There are various budgeted hotels and dharamshalas in the vicinity of the city. They provide a comfortable stay for the devotees during their visit to the temple.

Best time to visit

November to March.
Climate / Weather

Summer temperature often rises to 40?? Celsius.
Winter temperature often rises to 5.0?? Celsius.


The entire area of Saurashtra in the Gujarat is full of holy temples. Most of the people have a strong and deep faith on such holy temples even in present scientific scenario. This faith provides them with the strength to face the challenges of life and surpass them successfully.

Nearby Places to Visit

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The nearest railway station is Porbandar railway station. The nearest airport is Porbandar Airport. State Transport Buses connect Porbandar to nearby areas in Gujrat.

Temple Address

Harsiddhi Mata Temple,
Harshiddhi Mata Temple Road, Gandhvi, Kalyanpur Taluk,
Jamnagar district, Gujarat – 361315.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Sarva Mangala Maangalye Sive Sarvaardha Saadhike, Saranye Tryambake Gauri Naarayani Namosthuthe

Meaning -We offer you our salutations, Oh auspicious Naraayani, who is the good of all good, who can achieve everything and can offer refuge, Oh three-eyed Gowri.

Saranaangatha Dheenaartha Parithraana Paraayane Sarvasyaarthi Hare Devi Naaraayani Namosthuthe

Meaning -We offer salutations to you, Oh Narayani, who has the infinite power of creating, preserving and destroying. You are the basis and epitome of the 3 gunas.

Sarvaroope Sarvese Sarvasakthi Samanvithe, Bhayebhyastrahi No Devi Durge Devi Namosthuthe

Meaning -I offer my salutations to you mother Durga, who is present in all beings and has all power, save us from all our wrongdoings O mother of the universe.

Yaa Devi Sarva Bhooteshu Shakthi Roopena Samsthita Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namaha

Meaning -Salutations to the Goddess who resides as Shakti in all beings.

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